Why do you choose the language?

Hello, everyone!

How about a teeny, tiny, little talk?
There are many topics, many talks about JavaScript. Most of them are for so-called front-end or client-side JavaScript. Thanks to the appearance of Node.js, now, we can choose JavaScript as a back-end or server-side language, you know.

There are some fashionable server-side languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, Java, C# and Rust. Python, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript are called scripting languages and are slower than Go, Java, C# and Rust which are called compiled languages. Probably, no scripting language can run faster than any of compiled languages even if you hit upon an extraordinary idea. No, just kidding.

So, I want you to teach me the reason why you choose the language as the server-side language.
“Because I love it” is very welcome. A long story is no problem.

I choose JavaScript and sometimes Go.
Sometimes I fancy which is really better for me. Go is faster and is endowed with concurrency. On the one hand, there are very nice web-frameworks, modules and documents for JavaScript, e.g. Express.js, Passport.js.

Shall I compare JavaScript to a compiled language Go?
JavaScript is more lovely and more temperate.

Hello @safejourney

but my idea would be like question

  1. do i already know any programming language or no
    let as take the case of yes and now the question is
    a) can my language do what i am trying to do
    b) is there other language or technology that would make me build it better in better way
    c) would it better to learn other language or stick with what i have
    d) does the gain from learning the new one is even better and would help me fix more issue in better way

2)now let us go for i do not know any programming

a) which language should i learn
b) which the area that this language has better performance and which area are not
c) does it has enough support and tutorial and books course and even open source code

let me take swift as example it will help me to build app for apple product but it 's not used very well in any other area as there no good ide or well known web framework and many other thing

another example python and matlab are very good in the AI field ofcourse you can use other language to do AI but those 2 has more code online espcialy python

so there no direct answer that fit all but any added good language would be a new tool in your hand to solve and open new area or apps

that my thoughts

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think you choose those scripting languages because there are many frameworks and libraries available out there that can help you develop things fast

but, If need to build some part of your application that is time sensitive, you can always do it in any language you want
for example do some calculation in c language and then execute it from php with exec

time performance is not the only consideration when you choose your server side programming language

by the way, you can also transpile javascript to c language using ts2c

Thanks for your answer, justsomeone!

Your point of view is essentially different than mine. It’s very interesting for me!
I’m always curious about whether the language fits ME or not, in other words, whether I like it or not. I don’t care what to do because I believe it’s just a logical problem.
But your opinion, your thought is very important and it may be that choosing a language is knowing which language is better to do.

But actually I don’t like Python so much. Modules, libraries, everything concerning with Python is named with py!

I really appreciate your so good answer.
Have a nice day!

Thanks for your answer, Rafael_Green!

Yes, time performance is not the only consideration. The most important thing is the fun for me. But as a modern web development, I think time performance is one of UXs, at least if I use the web application.

Actually, I didn’t know ts2c. It’s very interesting. I know some ideas transpiling to or importing C, like Python. But actually I don’t like C. This is why I like Go.

Thanks for your nice and interesting answer.
I really appreciate you.

you very welcome and good luck :slight_smile: