Wiki clean-up/revamp sprint


Now that we are more clear on our team’s direction for the year, we all agree that we need to clean up the wiki so that it reflects our current projects and goals.

This is important in making sure new contributors can find out more information and more easily get involved, and it’s also incredibly important to show off the value that our team, and teams like ours, can bring to Mozilla.

We need to do a bit of a collective triage and planning session on what is currently in the wiki and what needs to be added. We should do this in one of our next two collaboration meeting windows. Please let me know if you are available this Sunday, April 5th at 19 UTC, next Sunday April 12th at 19 UTC, or both/neither.

Remember that this weekend is Easter weekend, so don’t forget to factor in if you have family obligations.

(Michaela R. Brown) #2

I can do the 12th, but not the 5th.

(James Boston) #3

I can join April 5 for sure. On April 12 I can’t make it until 20 UTC. I’m keen on helping with the wiki.

(Tanner Filip) #4

Should be able to make it on the 12th, but not the 5th.


Ok, obviously we will not sprint today then, as James is the only one who is available. We’ll definitely sprint next weekend though, so please do what you can to keep your schedule open!


James and I (and tad!) got together today to do a bit of an audit of what pages exist so that we can jump right in on Sunday with deciding what pages we want to keep, what pages are missing, what should be archived etc.

The pad is here -

We’ve listed the existing pages on the wiki, included a brief summary of what’s on the page, and if a table of contents existed, copied it.

I also started a section at the bottom called “Missing Pages” so if you can see pages that you think we need that don’t exist, you can brainstorm those thoughts ahead of the sprint.


Hey guys, I totally forgot to send out a message trying to reschedule the wiki sprint.

James and I will be around today during the collaboration meeting slot (19 - 21 UTC), so we’ll make what progress we can. If others could join that would be marvelous!


Alright I checked with people on Tuesday and we will be having the wiki sprint this Sunday.

We’ll start an hour earlier than normal so that @tad can make it - 18 UTC (2pm EDT), but if you can’t join until 19 UTC that’s fine.

If you plan on coming, please reply with what time you expect to join so I know who to wait for!


@yousef - I started for you :stuck_out_tongue: