Will 2FA be added to lockbox?

(Rene) #1

Will there be 2FA functionality coming to the lockbox app, or, as a best practice, in a separate Firefox/Mozilla app?

(Sandy Sage) #2

Right now we have support for two-factor authentication for your Firefox Account to provide our users a second layer of security in access your FxA powered apps, including Lockbox.

We chose to implement this feature using the well-known authentication standard TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password). TOTP codes can be generated using a variety of authenticator applications. For example, Google Authenticator, Duo and Authy all support generating TOTP codes, which is discussed in greater detail in this blog post.

Being an authenticator isn’t an area we’re yet exploring with Lockbox. Our current roadmap prioritizes features that give people safe access to their saved passwords across multiple platforms.