Working Group: Application Process Track

I added my times in the doodle, I’ll love to reach out. Thanks Robby

@thephoenixbird it changes something in the applications that are running?

According to doodle:
Application WG first meeting on Feb 19th at 20:30 UTC


@thephoenixbird Thanks, I answered the questions. I wonder also can attend the meetings and which channels?

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Ideally we want to use the Reps Vidyo Room, but i have yet to confirm that it is avaliable at Fridays (It is highly unlikely that someone is going to be there on Friday Night :smile: )


Hello everyone! Im very very very sorry for not been able to join today in the meeting, i had a power blackout in my zone for almost 5 hours, in the next hours I will reschedule our meeting and lets move forward :wink:

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I was not able to be about for the scheduled meeting time either (public transport failure in my case). So a second attempt at a meeting suits me :smile:

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I am going monitoring, thx. :smiley:

2nd attempt for meeting

Here is the new doodle guys @mkohler @setiawan @anivar @shahidfarooqui @rtsayles @geraldobarros @Spike1 @umesh , we need to meet ASAP, so please fill this one in the next 48 hours so we can have our meeting:

Doodle closes at Monday noon UTC

Thanks @thephoenixbird! Let me know me. Have a good weekend.


Hi Arturo and Umesh

Yes please, I am interested to help you in application process, selection

Please let me know when you plan to have next meeting.

Thanks & Regards


Hello everyone! @mkohler @setiawan @anivar @shahidfarooqui @rtsayles @geraldobarros @Spike1 @umesh

The chosen date according to the doodle is next Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 12:30 UTC

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@thephoenixbird, according to the Doodle is another time.
=> Tue 02/23/16 20:00 correct?

That should be my local time (Caracas / 2016-02-23 / 20:00 ), I think that Doodle auto-converts it to your timezone.

Let me know if there is a mistake.

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Reference issue in github


I am afraid that I am lost now as to when the rescheduled meeting will be.
Is it at 20:00UTC - which is in about 3-1/2 hours from now? Or some
other time/day/reality :wink:

Erm. Looking above I can see that it is 12:30UTC on Wednesday - please ignore me :wink:

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We are starting in 5 minutes.
Join the Remo Vidyo room

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@thephoenixbird I’m experiencing an power outage. I will not be able to attend. Catch you on the next one :slight_smile:

Meeting Notes - 2016, February 23, 12:30 - 01:30 UTC


  • Arturo
  • Geraldo Barros
  • Lourdes Castillo
  • Richard Armuelles

Agenda and Notes:

  • Introduction - why are you interested in this working group?
    • I want to improve the Reps application process
    • Make it easier to understand for new applicants
    • Identify people with skills that could benefit the program.
  • Goals of this working group
    • Get Reps organized in groups related to their specialization/interests
    • Reps aligned with mentors on their field of expertize
    • Reps working directly with functional areas of their expertize
    • Grow specialized Reps for different areas
  • Have we missed any goals?
  • Have we missed important questions?
  • Let’s identify major milestones
    • Identify which are the major groups that can be created for Reps
      • ??? Resources Management
      • ??? Mentoring
      • ??? Learning
      • ??? Development
    • Elabore a plan to update Mentors and align them with the new groups
    • Investigate if a Mentor shuffle would be necessary to align mentors with reps of the same specialization group
      • Could improve the individual Rep development on their area of interest if his Mentor is knowledgeable in such area.
    • Design a new criteria based on a community curriculum
      • Vouching in bug should be improved
      • Reps should select their Specialization group at their application and Mentor should be assigned accordingly
    • Define responsibilities for each specialization group
      • Does each groups has a different kind of responsibility? one more than another?
  • Let’s define a timeline for the major milestones
    • TBD
  • Immediate next steps
    • [end of this week, Arturo] Organize a meeting in a more flexible timezone to increase participation 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

regarding yesterday’s meeting, I have a question, if a model is chosen where each reps are involved in a specific area or areas, that involves the mentor in charge must know this area in order to properly orient. But there is a downside, as there is currently a ratio of 10 reps for each mentor (I guess this may vary) this under the current model of the program. With a change to this new model, there may be cases where there are no mentors for certain tasks in similar time zones, I think it is unsustainable to maintain the process of mentoring for example between reps of America with mentors from Europe and other continents and vice versa.

I feel to perform something like this should be done from the inside out, involving first the current mentors and encouraging experienced reps to mentoring (possibly with a program leading to the reps to prepare for briefly) and then those who have little time within the project as well as new applicants.