Weekly Call 2016-03-10


  • Thursday March 10th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Participation Infrastructue - Pierros
  2. Mozilla’s new Brand Look - Tim Murray
  3. Dimo - New Mozilla Indonesia Mascot
  4. Slovenian Meetup
  5. What we are working on in the council
  6. Events

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

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Raw notes can be read here.


  1. Hi my name is Konstantina from Greece. Looney tunes for life! Tweety!!!
  2. Hi, I am Ikram from Dhaka. My favorite cartoon was popeye!
  3. Hi my name is Radhakrishna and I am from Hyderabad India. My 4. favourite cartoon growing up was Tom & Jerry.
  4. Hi, I’m Ioana from Romania bu currently in Brussels
  5. Hi, I am Petras from Lithuania, currently in Brussels too…
  6. Heyo, My name is Pierros from Greece, Rick and Morty for life.
  7. Hi, my name is Yofie from Jakarta, Indonesia.
  8. Hey I’m Mahendra Shrivas from Accra, Ghana. Favorite cartoon Tom & Jerry
  9. Hi, my name is Gašper, and I am from Slovenia. My favourite cartoon was A je to.
  10. Costenslayer im from The Free web (AKA UK)
  11. Hi, I’m Tim Murray from San Francisco, CA and my favorite was Roadrunner
  12. Hi my name is Lucy from Toronto
  13. Hi my name is Elio from Tirana, Albania and my favourite cartoon growing up was Bugs Bunny
  14. Hola,I’m Rubén from Spain my favourite cartoon was Dragon Ball.
  15. Hi , I’m Bolaram, from Bangladesh
  16. Hi, I’m Rara from Palo Alto. My favourite cartoon growing up was Doraemon (japanese anime)
  17. Howdyhey! I’m Flaki from Palo Alto, CA, and I’m piggybacking on Rara’s vidyo. My all-time-fav cartoon is deftly Calvin & Hobbes! .
  18. Hi, my name is Mijanur and I am from Bangladesh. My favorite cartoon growing up was Meena Cartoon.
  19. Hi, I’m Rosana from Berlin and my favorite cartoon was the pink panther
  20. Hi, I’m Anis from Dhaka, favorite cartoon was Popeye
  21. Hi, I’m Jobava from Romania and my favorite cartoon was Saber Rider
  22. Hi, I’m Kelimutu & Diky from Indonesia and our favorite cartoon is Dudung
  23. Hi, I am Istiaque form Bangladesh and my favorite cartoon tintin.

Shout outs!

  • to all the women in Mozilla, #happywomeninterantionalday ! (yes it was 2 days ago but still deserves a shout out)+1
  • to Flaki and Rara for participating in D&I session in California
  • to all the Reps that have worked on the community design project+1
  • to Daniele for all his hard work at the working groups
  • To Yofie for building the design for the Campus Campaign website!!! (So beautiful!!) +1+1

TOPIC 1 - Participation Infrastructure - Pierros

  • Partinfra is responsible for mozillians and reps and our team is: Pierros, Nikos, Nemo, Tasos
  • Go on mozillians.org and update your profile
  • We are working on the groups in mozillians, much more functionality
  • Check the stats, it gets info from mozilla.org (it’s update on vouched and unvouched people per country)
  • If you are aware of someone doing any work on profiles point them to the API
  • I wanted to know more about the same. Specially on current vouching policy. -
  • By vouching policy do you mean the mechanism? It is as simple as someone already vouched by 3 mozillians, commenting and adding a vouch for you on the site.
  • We are looking into dis-engaging the vouching system from access management (that would move over to metrics-based status). Just some brainstorming around it.
  • Thanks for pointed it out. Most of Mozillians here are unvouched here. It will help us alot.
  • Thanks for the update. I’m the only active rep in here and my status in unvouched try to contact but no response on it.
  • Name and email on mozillians please :slight_smile:
  • I strongly believe, there is need of improvement.
  • Can you give an example how a group and an application make the life of a Mozillian easier?
  • ACTIONS: Have questions? ask pierros[at]mozilla.com
  • Dev site.
  • Questions: should we need to register here if anybody have mozillians profile ? Only for development purposes. User name will be same?
  • Work can be tracked here:
  • Stats.
  • API for apps and the docs related to it.

TOPIC 2 - Branding - Tim Murray

  • We are creating a new brand id for Mozilla
  • Presentation can be seen here.
  • The new id is going to be influenced by our community, is open source and it indicates one Mozilla. There will be multiple ways to participate in the process, especially the community design team will be working on challenges. The process is documented in the open so you can see how to participate. There will be a group making the final decision after all the input has been taken in. Not a result of a majority vote
  • Would it work to also have aspects of ‘negative advertising’, where Mozilla can name-and-shame bad or exploitative practices by other browser or operating system vendors?
    (Reminds me of this example: https://www.reddit.com/r/cars/comments/49f0iq/mercedes_and_porsche_are_running_these_ads_in/ ) - Elio
  • STATEMENTS and comments: Mozilla is uniquely positioned by her history and structure to promote people-centric internet experiences, now with a greater focus on privacy and safety online.
  • ACTIONS: Challenge is live here!
  • share about your story about your fav addons


TOPIC 3 - Introducing DIMO, the new mascot of Mozilla Indonesia community - Yofie Setiawan

  • We had a voting process and we chose DIMO (it’s cute and fun and geeky and it represents us)
  • Image.
  • Blog Post
  • Telegram stickers, please add to your stickers collections.

TOPIC 4 - Campus Campaign Recruiting - Lucy

  • E-mail to be shared with details about the campus campaign coming up
  • Presentation will be online
    Will be sharing discourse topic for people to share ideas as well!
  • It might be worth going through the student unions they will be able to push this onto campuses as they are the main contact for campaigns and community’s within a college / uni
  • Can we bring another topic beside privacy awareness (maybe about iot) when we doing campus campaign in campuses?
    We can bring and also we can bring/host new projects.

TOPIC 5 - Slovenia meet-up Gasper and Nino

  • First meeting in the year
  • We have new members
  • We worked on l10n, campus campaign (how we should move in Slovenia, how to protect student privacy), privacy events
  • We prepared some video material
  • Graphic material is sharable so everybody can use it
  • 6 monts plan for community work
  • Some PR articles, which will be published in magazines (http://www.tzs.si/zivljenje-in-tehnika and others)
  • Stickers for Telegram - Mozilla Slovenia
  • important days for Social channels
  • our source files (not all, others will be added)
    * l10n team files for better localization

TOPIC 6 - What we are working on in the council -Rosana

  • Reps inovation fund, we are finzalising the details
  • Working groups, we went through the progress, working groups are in different phases
  • Questions? contact the council reps-council@mozilla.com


  • Weekly IoT call
  • Don’t forget about the working groups:
  • Help us organize the next call - https://github.com/mozilla/participation-org/issues/384
  • Want to be a notetaker or chair the next call? Let us know here :slight_smile:
  • Call for helping the AirMo folks, check the e-mail from George on Reps general