Working Group: Meta

Hi everyone

I would like to have a short meeting to discuss our status. I think Tuesday, 15:00 UTC (same time as last week) is good.

You can find the agenda here in the meeting notes doc. Of course we will publish the notes here as well.

Speaking of documentation, we will use this discourse topic for general questions, and if needed we will start a new topic for a specific discussion here in Discourse. Once we achieve a final draft of a plan or idea, we document it on the github issue. Does this sound good? Is this transparent enough?

Pinging @Ioana @Mte90 @rara @Christos for the second meeting. Of course anyone else is happily invited as well! :slight_smile:


I have started a discussion about the combination of different specializations, please chime in there!

For me is transparent but maybe we have to involve the other reps for the our discourse discussion to improve our work.

We have to reschedule because we was only 2 person on that meeting.

Unfortunately I jumped into a last minute meeting in work so I will late for this meeting. :frowning: Apologies guys.

Let’s reschedule it for the end of this week or same day next week and continue the discussion here?

How about Friday 16:00 UTC?

I will be available that time. Pinging @Mte90 @Ioana and @alex_lakatos

Sounds good to me as well!

Well, let’s do it. See ya on Friday! :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to send the google calendar invitation :wink:

where will we meet on Friday?

I am available, we have too much to discuss :slightly_smiling:

I think that we have to reschedule that for this week.

let’s all fill the following doodle in order to make things easier! :wink:

I written a document to coordinate this WG with Communty Leadership WG.

Coordinating Meta and Leadership WGs

I hope that can be useful during the next meetings and to me for this roles as coordinator for the survey task.

Ok guys! According to doodle we can meet tonight at 8pm UTC in the Reps vidyo room.

Here is the agenda of the meeting.

Meeting Notes - Tuesday, March 2, 20:00 - 21:15 UTC


  • Christos Bacharakis
  • Michael Kohler
  • Daniele Scasciafratte
  • Arief Bayu Purwanto
  • Zaafouri Amine

Agenda and Notes:

What have we done since last week?

What are the next milestones and next steps?

  • (all, until Sunday) Finalize the questions we need to ask all the Reps (survey)
  • (PRIORITY1 - Christos) Figure out what the other working groups are already doing regarding “shortcomings in Specializations” in local communities (this needs coordination with the other working groups) (for example, the resources track might already be talking about these problems)
  • (Christos) We need a Functional Area Working Group after all
  • While coming up with important questions we need to ask Reps in the survey, we discussed a lot about functional area (e.g. skills)
  • (Daniele) Start a discussion on discourse for the question “Some categorizations might have bigger involvement from Mozilla teams than others, how do we balance that in terms of opportunities that every specialization has?”
  • (Christos) Consult with Mentorship working group regarding “Will the specialization be based on what a Rep has done in the past or not? Should it just be the skillset the Rep has?”
  • We think that it should be possible to join to learn and grow, but there needs to be a mentorship process behind it
  • (Christos) Create a proposal on how the process will work to join a specialization (generic, not covering “onboarding” for specific specializations, that is up to the other working groups) —> for example “how do we reach out when we start this?”, “will this be all at once or different start times for different specializations?”, …
    • (until March 31) Final milestone: assemble all the decisions/plans in one document

Is our scope still up to date or do we need to include something else?

  • All next steps are documented above, we don’t have any scope changes

I’d like to be part of the discussions also. Next meeting is 16 March?

Maybe 8, we try to get a meeting every week on the same day and hours.

New discussion :slightly_smiling:

We miss the meeting this week.