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Tech Seeker We are a group of Tech enthusiast Mozilla România Meeting space for Romanian Mozillians. Ky Test Group This is a test group created by Ky osDFS A Mozillian\\\'s community group for osDFS. A special interest group that supports women & men who study or are interested in Computer and Information Science. We are Open Source Digital Freedom Society. We are an off-campus community that supports women & men that are interested in computer and information science and all tech things. We host tech talks, community events, and business leaders from all around the area on a weekly basis. Our goal is to create and inspire a strong community of women & men in technology fields. We aim to bring support, networking and mentoring to help women & men on your campus to find success in the classroom and in the office. Test1 This is a test Persian L10n (Farsi) Official Persian(Farsi) L10n Group گروه رسمی موزیلای فارسی Open Source Collective Open Source Collective is a community of more than 500 members from the university of Adelaide who are passionate about open source technologies and inclusiveness of all students with an interest in technology. Mozilla Hungary Hungarian Mozilla community A Test Group Awesome test group The Playground Group A playground test group! L10N ja Mainly on Translators of numbers of infrastructures including MDN, SuMo, and of course Mozilla products such as Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. ( I want to add to here if I forget some) 日本語への翻訳に携わるメンバーのためのグループを作りました。 MDN、SuMoなどの文書サイト、そしてもちろん Mozilla 製品の和訳に携わる方たちにも参加してほしいです。 日本在住者に限りませんので、国を Japan に設定していません。 GVP AI Club GVP AI-Club is a club open for every young tech enthusiast who wish to share their knowledge and also learn upcoming technologies. Mozilla Firefox Jahangirnagar University Attempting to have an impact of open web in Jahangirnagar University through the club. MDN fr Translate in French the documentation Wildfire Wildfire is a Delhi-based tech company. Our ideology and vision aligns with Mozilla\\\'s. We hold regular workshops / meetups / hands-on sessions / talks related to digital privacy, web publishing, digital archiving, security etc. Mozilla Cali Colombia Promovemos las tecnologías web abiertas y llevamos el mensaje de la Fundación Mozilla. Comunidad Mozilla En Cali- Colombia, somos un grupo de personas sin ánimos de lucro que nos gusta compartir nuestros conocimientos sobre las tecnologías de Mozilla con los demás. Creemos que el Internet debe ser público, abierto y accesible para todos. Mozilla Bangladesh Mozilla Bangladesh is the official community of Mozillians in Bangladesh. Mozilla Bangladesh working towards open web and open internet as an active community in Bangladesh for the last several years. A handful of brave Mozillians started the journey believing in an open Internet and Open Web for all and have worked hard to ensure the openness. In the last several years, the community had a quite great journey. The community has arranged a lot of events. All those events helped people understand the importance of online privacy, security, safety and became aware of their rights. Many of them started contributing & became Mozillians and then they started spreading the love towards others. The journey of the community was never quite smooth, but when we look back we feel it was Awesome! testing test that test we test SKNCOE Mozilla Club Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune, has formed this club to teach students the web development and various programming languages related to it. Students are taught about the good practices in coding. Mini projects are completed every 2 weeks. VITCodeZilla A small initiative SMVECZILLA SMVECZILLA community is a place to make the techies to meet the beginners to enrich their skills, powers and much more in the trending technologies. Join us to improve more and learn a lot from others. Together we are more than anything. Mozilla Punjab We\'re collective minds of people who believe in Open Source, Diversity and Community driven efforts. The heart of our Community is people. We put people first and do our best to recognize, appreciate and respect the diversity of our global contributors. We welcome contributions from everyone who shares our goals and wants to contribute in a healthy and constructive manner within our community. Read our Manifesto: The Mozilla Manifesto ( We are committed to an Community that includes all the peoples of the earth — where a person’s characteristics do not determine their online access, opportunities, or quality of education. Like the Internet, our Community is a shared space of people who shared a similar mindset about Open Source and together, we look forward to solve the shared struggles of the Community Members. As such, we expect all the Members, Partners and Vendors to follow our Code of Conduct all the time. Read and abide by our Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct ( \"The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible\" -The Mozilla Foundation And by this Community, we aim to include everyone despite of their religion, culture, background, race, etc. to help spread the Love and Idea of Open Source and Include everyone in the region. At our meet-ups, we discuss about Open Source Technologies, Celebrate Diversity in Tech, Talk about Privacy of users on the Internet, and many more! Above all, we love to Celebrate our Community Members and their Spirit of contributing to Open Source and keeping the Community Diverse, Included and Open to all! If you\'re nearby, come by! We\'ve always got something for everyone! -The Mozilla Punjab Team Student Forum We are a group of Tech enthusiasts, teaching each other, discussing over technology and serving the community Mozilla Campus Club BVDUCOEP The world is constantly changing. Be it creativity, strategic thinking or Open Source contributions, it is necessary to solidify and enhance the connection between people and technology. Mozilla Campus Club BVDUCOEP is a team of tech enthusiasts and inquisitive students who interact with other students to make them learn, share and exchange technical information by organizing various events and workshops. It’s a little bubble in space and time of infinite possibility, where you can bear a deeper understanding of the world’s current and upcoming technologies. Our club founder, Adarsh Jha, believes that even if we have just one student who wants to learn, we will deliver the content with the same passion because “Willingness to learn is all that matters.” Check our website too: CodersEra - Mozilla Campus Club MIT WPU We are the official coding club of MIT World Peace University, Pune. We organize community events like workshops, competitions, seminars, guest lectures etc. Mozilla Karnataka We are opensource contributors, AI enthusiast, we love to solve real world problems with mozilla network. Mozilla Bolivia Grupo de la Comunidad de Mozilla Bolivia. Mozilla Nagpur Its Mozilla Nagpur, we will focus on all aspects of technology like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, AR/VR, Web, App and others but we will majorly be focusing on AI technologies. We will hold meetups about these technologies. Its a community event which means you can speak at our events too. Mozilla Abu A small initiative by the college to supports the tech enthusiast in all the best way the can Rust Italia Gruppo italiano della comunità di Rust in Italia. Slack Ecco i contatti delle comunità locali: Torino * Telegram * Twitter * GitHub Roma * Meetup Milano * Meetup Vuoi sapere e partecipare ad eventi della comunità Mozilla in Italia? Guarda qui maggiori informazioni: AIT OSS Club The Open Source Software Club has been actively doing various open source projects for more than 4 years. The main agenda of club is to provide help and involve students from various background. We do have a team of coders from various field. The club always encourages students to learn new technologies and contribute as much as possible. Mozilla Perú Mozilla Perú es la comunidad de usuarios, entusiastas y público en general que se identifica con el manifiesto de Mozilla, un proyecto con la misión de propiciar el desarrollo y la innovación en Internet como bien público de libre acceso para todas las personas. Mozilla Reps Newsletter The Reps Monthly Newsletter is a way to share the Reps program updates. The objective of the Reps Monthly Newsletter is to keep Reps updated with the latest program developments and updates. Mozilla Madhya Pradesh Community group for Mozillians in Madhya Pradesh. Putting in our efforts for an open internet. VuefoxCoders We are a group of like minded people, try to solve real world problems and to share our knowledge with others. Mozilla China L10N We are Mozillians who are contributing to the localization (L10N) of Simplified Chinese We are proud that we help build an open and accessible, secure and trust-worthy internet. We are happy that we help Chinese-speaking community have a wonderful surfing experience with Firefox. We answer your questions. Tiger King Joe Exotic HackSlash Hackslash Developers\' Club, NIT Patna is a community intended to provide a room for college students to learn and collaborate on a plethora of projects among themselves as well as with mentors. It is open for every student, ranging from novice developers who are just starting, to advanced developers who want to further enhance their skills and add a lot in their bag! Right from coding to development, HackSlash has them all in its bag. Mozilla nashik Nashik Mozilla community constantly contributes to make people aware about Open development and to achieve equilibrium knowledge by sharing the skills and by providing the collaborative development work flow over the localize level Tech House Tech House is a Student Club organized by students who wanna help other students in coding skills. Successively conducting events by partnering with Coding Ninja, Microsoft and many more. Creating a better future for the better visions. Mozilla Delhi Mozpacers are the active Mozillians of the Delhi Mozilla Community. Ever since then, the Community has been deluged with contributors from diverse disciplines. We strongly believe in building up an Open and Dynamic Community, that will contribute actively to achieve Mozilla’s Mission i.e. Making a better Web. Mozilla@aiet Mozilla@aiet is a coding club which enables the beginners in the field of coding and experts to enhance there skills. This group awares the people about the different types of technologies and aware them how these are used. Mozilla El Salvador Comunidad Mozilla El Salvador, somos un grupo de personas sin ánimos de lucro que nos gusta compartir nuestros conocimientos sobre las tecnologías de Mozilla con los demás. Creemos que el Internet debe ser público, abierto y accesible para todos. Mozilla Reps Reps are passionate Mozillians who mobilize and develop functional and local/regional Mozilla communities. They are committed to educate and empower people to support Mozilla’s mission and contribute to the project based on Mozilla’s leadership agreements. They are also creating collaborations with other local communities to expand Mozilla’s outreach in the open source ecosystem. Mozilla Nagpur Student Club (MNSC) This is the Official Mozilla Nagpur Chapter. Our group is a meeting place for people who are interested in and enthusiastic about coding and contributing to open source projects. Mozilla Guatemala We are a group of people interested in collaborating, learning and sharing experiences of new technologies. WebXR en Español Este grupo está destinado a mostrar lo que se puede crear con las tecnologías de Mozilla para realidad Virtual y Realidad aumentada. Linux Open Source Development Club Just discovering new things. Chandigarh Blockchain Enthusiasts Lets come together to spread awareness and share our knowledge about Blockchain. Mozilla Club MITAOE Mozilla Club MITAOE is 6 years old. It actively participates in group activities like testing, open source dissemination. AlgoSquad Led by the students of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Indore, AlgoSquad is SAIT\'s first-ever student tech club aimed towards developing impeccable skills in the field of IT and Computer Science. Mozilla Italia Il gruppo dei membri della comunità Mozilla Italia. Ci trovate su Telegram usando il bot @mozitabot o sul nostro forum DSC - JGI our mission is committed to enriching the academic, personal and professional growth of the students by spreading the knowledge and building a strong professional connection between the peers to unleash the best in technovation Linux Open Source Development Engine We intend to spread awareness regarding the Linux operating system and open source projects among the college students. Hackathon and Coding Club, BIT Sindri Hackathon and Coding Club (HnCC) is the official coding and development club of BIT Sindri. It was started with an initial motto to inculcate and improve collaborative coding culture in college. Our team (consisting of Developers, Designers and Marketing People) expanded slowly in numbers and the spectrum of activities we deal with, expanded broadly. Our Work include: • Organize sessions and awareness campaigns related to various technology stacks such as Development, Open Source, Safe Internet etc. • Host Hackathons and Competitions related to coding and other tech domains throughout the year and Techfest, BIT Sindri • Develop real world projects and solve real world problems. Checkout our GitHub account. MozNeurons We’re dedicated to connecting the Club to the best open source activities on the web. By participating in the activities will develop new skills, contribute to innovative web technologies, and be part of a powerful network of students and professionals, dedicated to keeping the web a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Mozilla Days UAH Grupo creado para acercar Mozilla a la Universidad de Alcalá. Mozilla Sri Lanka A group for Mozillians in Sri Lanka Playground Playground Inc ProGection ProGection Technical Club is an initiative to grow their knowledge of developer technologies and more through peer to peer workshops and events. Mozilla Hispano Comunidad de Mozilleros en español Dev Club It is a formed group, there are different sub group pursuing different tech stack like there\'s flutter club, AI/ML club , blockchain club, etc. And together all these club combine to form the coding community. My college is in Bangalore ( Silicon Valley of India ) so the this groups and club keep changing there field of intrest with time. Mozilla India Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent. At Mozilla, we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future. MozNuv Mozilla Navrachana University community! Mozilla Campus Club NSBM LK Mozilla’s mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. A Mozilla University & College Club is a group of students with a passion for technology who meet regularly to advance this mission by building and innovating on open source projects that keep the web open. Mozilla Reps Resources The Resources Track is the track for Reps who wish to empower their communities (be it local/regional or functional) by enabling them request resources the Reps program has. Reps that specialize in resources are trained to help communities and plan strategically how they use these. This ensures that resources (budget and others) of the program are used in the most impactful way and according to the guidance provided by Mozilla’s strategy and the Council. Emma\\\'s Test Group A short description for my test group Women of Mozilla Women of Mozilla is a community that focuses exclusively on increasing the degree of women\'s participation and visibility in Mozilla and open-source projects. Kerala Rustaceans A Rust enthusiast meet-up community, we love to do stuff with rust-lang and show it off to the rest of us! Mozilla Karnataka (BLR) A group for active Mozillians in Bangalore and Karnataka. Community Participation Guidelines: Mozilla Madura Mozilla Madura a Community Mozilla User at Madura Island, East Java, Indonesia Denedut Our group is a meeting place for people who are interested in and enthusiastic about coding and contributing to open source projects. Mozilla Chile Mozilla Chile community. We are a non-profit organization focused on expanding knowledge, the philosophy of freedom on the web and its advantages as a multiplatform development both individually and as a country / society. Mozilla Nicaragua Official group for members of Nicaragua. We are a non-profit group of people focused learning and sharing experiences about new technologies and freedom on the web, our main goal is contribute to Mozilla\'s mission. Mission: Bring together the community interested in the web and Mozilla in Nicaragua to promote openness and innovation on the web. Interests: Web development, Conferences, Workshops, Privacy and web security, Mozilla. Emisha It\'s not just another Tech Community! We know Why we do What we do. We\'re not the biggest or the best community but yes we truly impact people around us. Mozilla Kerala Mozilla Kerala is a regional community under the global non-profit organization, Mozilla that is founded on the roots of Free & Open Source Software. Mozilla works to promote & develop the web and to make it a better place to be. MEC Developer Community The Developer Community of Model Engineering College brings together student developers from different aspects of engineering and provides them a platform to collaborate and create, together. AnorakS We a small team of Developers evangelizing the gospel of technology to students in University of Ibadan and its environs Mozilla Sweden Community group for Mozillians in Sweden Moziety MOZIETY is an official Mozilla Campus Club started in CMRIT in the year 2016. Objectives of the club: To ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Building and innovating on open source projects that keep the web open. Promote Collaborative Development. Encouraging people to use and innovate on various Open Source platforms. For further information contact: Mozilla Club Bbsr We believe in open source contribution by making the community aware about it and parallelly enhancing the skills in order to eradicate technology as a barrier for the community. Codezilla Codezilla is a club for all the misfits, the people who have the drive to contribute to the coding society and those who are able to see things from a different perspective. Our members are code-contributors for great tech conglomerates. Having already worked for another successful club, we are more likely to grow into a club that delivers one of the most output in the university. Anyone who has the drive to work or learn new skills or both for the betterment of the technology world is welcomed, rather belongs in Codezilla. We going to focus on introduction and implementation of latest technologies by organising seminars and making projects. Mozilla Brasil Grupo de brasileiros voluntários da Mozilla :) Mozilla Mumbai Its Mozilla Mumbai, we will focus on all aspects of technology like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, AR/VR, Web, App and others but we will majorly be focusing on AI technologies. We will hold meetups about these technologies. Its a community event which means you can speak at our events too. Mozilla Pakistan We are part of the global community of Mozilla Foundation, founded to manifest state of Mozilla community in Pakistan. Mozilla Berlin Mozillians in Berlin meeting up regularly in the Mozilla Berlin office, involving the community and interested Mozillians-to-be. Mozilla Hong Kong Community Mozilla community in Hong Kong hosts activities and communications in Hong Kong eg. starting from Firefox 3 Release Party. Mozilla francophone French-speaking Mozilla community Communauté Mozilla francophone Mozilla Club JSS Mozilla Club of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida Mozilla CUSAT Mozilla CUSAT is part of campus moz club. We conduct offline meetings and activities to provide tech fundamentals to beginners and help devs get started with OpenSource Contributions. Mozilla Philippines Community Portal group for Mozillians in the Philippines. Community Code of Conduct: Mozilla Pune Mozilla Pune is a community of enthusiastic contributors promoting projects and ideas of Mozilla. We work together to promote openness, opportunity and innovation on the web. Mozilla Reps Peers Peers support the Reps Module Owner. See [ReMo/Structure_Governance]( for more information about the Reps Program governance structure. Support Mozilla (SUMO) We are a group of contributors who contributed to Support Mozilla (SUMO). Rust Taiwan Rust Programming Language Taiwan Community Cuboids Club This will helps you unlocks your hidden talent and will introduce the ninja hidden in you Mozillians in Switzerland Mozilla Odisha Hi. We’re Mozilla, proud activists of Open Web Movement. Manifesto: CoC: We conduct organized workshops, speakers session, coding events, localization, hackathons and various other stuffs to promote Mozilla mission and open source Mozilla Colombia Promovemos las tecnologías web abiertas y llevamos el mensaje de la Fundación Mozilla Xplora Club Xplora Club provides students with great opportunities which helps them grow their knowledge and skills in various fields. We do this by conducting workshops and seminars which enable them to contribute to the open source project and communities. They gain relevant experience by solving problems for local organizations with technology based solutions. The advantage we possess is that anyone with good knowledge can demonstrate it, since this club does not have any restrictions on the conductee. Rust Portable Graphics We are making GPU programming in Rust accessible and portable to many platforms. This is a virtual home of gfx-rs community that also includes wgpu, Rendy, and related projects. Open Source Club Dehradun Open source contributor Community club for mozillan in Dehradun,Uttarakhand. Mozilla Reps Onboarding The scope of the Onboarding Team is to help on evaluating the new applications to the Reps program by helping the Reps Council on this process. VIEMOZ HERE WE VIEMOZ PROVIDE A PLATFORM FOR DEVELOPERS TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY , HELP AND GUIDE THEM TO LEARN MORE. . Mozillians on Telegram Come join us at Telegram! POROS POROS Organization of Open Source in Brawijaya University Toronto Rustaceans We are the Toronto Rust ( developer community. Connect with and learn from fellow Rustaceans of all skill and experience levels. We run regular meetups around downtown Toronto for all to attend. Please visit our Discord server to connect with the community between events. Mozilla Mexico Comunidad Mozilla México. Creemos que Internet debe permanecer público, abierto y accesible. L10n fr Localization and translation of Mozilla projects in French SRMKZILLA SRMKZILLA is a community of young tech enthusiasts who eat, sleep and breath technology. We organize everything from technical workshops to gaming events, you name it & we do it. We are firm believers in growing and learning together because together, we achieve more. Mozilla Tamil Nadu Mozilla Tamil Nadu is a non-profit group created to support the open-source community. Our primary aim is to develop and help others to develop the solution for real-world problems. Moreover, it will also welcome the developers who has the technical knowledge and/or wishing to gain knowledge. Cesa Club SITRC A Coding Club in Sandip Foundation uamoz Bringing moz projects to the U of Arizona. Mozilla L10n Urdu Mozilla L10n Urdu Team MCWS Mozilla Communities Web Services Mozilla Reps Council The Mozilla Reps Council is the program’s 9-member governing body composed of 2 permanently appointed Staff members and 7 elected volunteers who are serving 12-month terms. The Council exists to ensure that the Mozilla Reps program runs smoothly, oversees the governance and finances of the program and serves as an advisory body within the Mozilla organization. The Reps Council takes strategic decisions regarding the program with input from the rest of the leadership body. Contact us here: MozTW, Mozilla Taiwan Community Mozillians in Taiwan, maintaining and do zh-TW l10n since 2004. Mozilla Phoenix Club(Mozilla Guna) We\'re the community of student Mozillians, which function as the Mozilla Guna within the region and within the campus, we\'re Mozilla Phoenix Club. Mozilla Costa Rica We are a community with the objective of studying, researching, promoting and sharing all knowledge of free software as well as of mozilla within Costa Rica. GLUG MVIT A community of free and open source software enthusiasts from Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. We are open to all free software enthusiasts looking for a place to learn and grow together. Mozilla WebVR Community @ MBCET *Mozilla Kerala Community* in association with *MBCET* would like to invite all Web Developers and VR enthusiasts to be part of our community. Come and be part of a family that will provide support when you develop or design your VR projects. For further details contact: The Women Of Mozilla The Women Of Mozilla is a community that co-creates a collaborative space for women to learn coding and language from and through each other. Regular meetups, workshops and informal spaces are led by women in the community to further the movement and participation. Mozilla Panama Mozilla Panamá buscamos fomentar el uso de tecnologías web abiertas y llevamos el mensaje de la Fundación Mozilla en el pais. Mozilla Centroamérica We are a group of enthusiasts who support Mozilla\\\'s mission and promote participation and innovation in the Central America region and the different countries that make up (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) Mozilla Reps Mentors Mentors, together with the Council members, are the backbone of the Mozilla Reps program. We make sure things run smoothly, we ensure that Reps are supported and have what they need to be impactful in their region Mozilla Israel 🇮🇱 Mozilla Club MACE The club aims to develop a community of open source enthusiasts and to teach web literacy, which encompasses the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web. It is dedicated to empowering others so they have agency on the web as creators and future leaders. The club has been an integral part of Mozilla’s key mission of the open web.The membership is open to any student in MACE. Open Source Community: VIT AP The Open Source Community, VIT-AP is a year and half old. Our major goal is to write free software and to collaborate with student developers, to create a community of excellent programmers. Innovation is what we aim to achieve. We also help student developers to gain an exposure to the competitive world by conducting Hackathons, hands-on workshops, guest lectures and other tech related activities. Mozilla Reps Review The Review Team is a specialized group responsible in review and approving or rejecting every budget requests made by Mozilla Reps. This team is working in close coordination and supervision of Reps Council. Mozilla Indonesia Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia adalah bagian dari komunitas global Mozilla yang berada di banyak belahan dunia. Mozilla didukung oleh banyak sukarelawan dan kontributor yang menggunakan, mengembangkan, membagikan, dan mendukung produk-produk Mozilla. Salah satu produk populer Mozilla adalah browser Mozilla Firefox. intresting All about something Mozilla Gujarat We are Mozilla Gujarat - A highly enthusiastic community of Mozilla lovers in Gujarat, India. We ❤️ the Web! Join us on Slack: Mozilla Venezuela Promovemos las tecnologías web abiertas y llevamos el mensaje de la Fundación Mozilla CLUB.css CLUB.css is a Student Developers Club by the students of Jain(Deemed-to-be) University Kochi
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