About the Community Portal category

This category is where we’ll share updates and solicit feedback, input and beta testers during the development of the new Community Portal.

Mozilla’s Community Portal is a part of the mission driven mozillians strategy project. The goal is to create a central place for Mozillians to be able to find and discover impactful contribution opportunities, events, and to collaborate across community members & groups.

Development of the portal will begin in August 2019, with an estimated V1 release date in early 2020.

How to participate:

  • Watch this category
  • Attend the calls (will be announced here)
  • Share your ideas & input

waiting for it to be implemented … :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Sounds good. Looking forward to it! :+1:

Awesome. Excited to see it.

Here is the first step towards the portal. the GitHub link https://github.com/mozilla/community-portal

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This is awesome. :+1:

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