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Hi there,
I have recently started to do documentation review on this site. I believe the site could make it much simpler to help new user that would like to do editorial reviews. The reason for this is because as when I started, it was difficult for me to find pages that would need editorial reviews and I believe there should be a system where pages that would actually need the documentation to be done can be separate from the ones that do not need any reviews.

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Can we add an “seo” tag?


Can we add an “seo” tag?

Yup! Just start using it! Tags are free-form, though Discourse suggests ones that are already in use, as you type.

Oh? I tried adding an “SEO” tag and couldn’t do so, so I figured they had to be created by someone… I’ll try again.

Maybe it requires privileges. In any case, I just added an “SEO” tag to one of your posts about SEO stuff, so you should be able to use it from now on.


The http://mailto:mdn@mozilla-community.org link should really be mailto:mdn@mozilla-community.org

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Fixed, thanks very much.

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