Add Balinese (ban) in pontoon

Hi i would like to contribute to translate Mozilla products in my mother language Balinese under the iso code ban we use latin characters
hi, my name is Joseagush, I live in Bali.
Rahajeng, aran ragané Joséagush, titiang saking Bali.

Hello, and thank you for your interest in contributing to Mozilla Localizations!
As Flod mentioned, we are not adding brand new locales to Firefox, but we could enable a smaller project to get started. For example: Firefox for Android, or Firefox for iOS.
Are users mostly on Android? If so, I would suggest we start with that.
Let me know and I’ll gladly help!

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Hi Delphine, nice to know you and for fast reply.

Are users mostly on Android? Yes, of course. I would lovely to start from smaller project like for example Firefox for Android. Thank you.

Good to know! I’ll work on this over the week to get you set up.
Thank you!

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Hi Joseagush,

Glad to know that you’re interested in localizing Firefox to Balinese. While Delphine helps you setting the locale up on Pontoon, I would like to invite you to Localization @ Mozilla Indonesia group in Telegram. Inside, we can learn together how to localize Mozilla projects and meet all localizer for Indonesian (id) and other local languages in Indonesia. Please reach me out at


Halo Joseagush,

Saya senang mengetahui Bli Joseagush tertarik melokalkan Firefox ke bahasa Bali. Silakan japri saya via Telegram melalui link di atas. Nanti, saya bisa bantu undang Bli ke grup para pelokal bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa daerah lainnya. Di sana, kita bisa belajar bersama cara melokalkan produk Mozilla menggunakan Pontoon. Sampai jumpa!

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Hi again!
I have set up Balinese on Pontoon:
I’m still working on setting up Firefox for Android.
In the meantime, it would be great if you could start working on the Terminology project that is already there.
That will help ensure localizations are consistent going forwards.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi Fauzan, lovely to know you here. Yups, i will try to follow the group. Thanks.

Hi Delphine, great news!

Thank you for your support for this language. Lovely to share this to our community here.

Of course, happy to help!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Have a good weekend!