An Excellent Extension - Password Export: Now Legacy

I’ve been using the “Password Exporter” extension since version 20 … (I think :thinking:) of Firefox.
Is there any extension that actually imports or exports passwords using “xml” files, as it was in “Password Export”?
Sorry for my English. I’m in South America :wink:

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WebExtensions can currently not interact with the password storage.

I will wait for the evolution of FF 57 and maybe some extension compatible with these features can be created.

As stated on Mozilla Add-ons, Password Exporter, “Note: This add-on won’t work in Firefox 57. It may eventually if the APIs to access passwords are implemented.”

… However, this is a bit (LOL) of a problem - because, somewhere along the line, key3.db and cert8.db have become key4.db and cert9.db - we can no longer just copy the files to profile folder as we’re compromising security.

^^ The files will be read, decrypted and used, BUT it’s the compatibility version and it’s been changed in teh new Firefox; so, blah. :confused:

EDIT: Guess the only thing possible is to use something like NirSoft’s PasswordFox to read 'em and then enter the logins in a new profile, right?!

EDIT: Btw., there’s (also) a discussion topic: So you are really killing the addon ecosystem now. Congratulations


Ah, that’s just great… I can’t run it on my b0x, apparently. o.0

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EDIT: & Scratchpad: