Can't log in "account requires you to log in with a more secure form of authentication"

When trying to log in using an email link, I get an error message
“Sorry, your account requires you to log in with a more secure form of
authentication. Please try again with a more secure authentication method.”

I only use this address for mozillians and discourse.
I use different addresses for Firefox, Github, and Google.

I’m not sure how to use a more secure form of authentication. Does
anyone know what I can do to log in?

Hi, Chris. I see you belong to the Slack and NDA access groups. Maybe this thread will be helpful:

The issue is fixed. I had to file a bug. It required getting my primary address changed on .


I am new here and would like to use telemetry data for research. However, am unable to login and get the same error message as Chris. I get the same message when I try to login with my Firefox account as well as Github account. Please advise how I can get the issue resolved.


Hi ramyak,
In my case, I had to file a bug in the Phonebook component on bugzilla.

Hey @ramyak - I’m quite confused, how did you post in this thread if you’re unable to login?

You’re not in any access groups, so you shouldn’t see this error (and I also note that the last authentication method you used was GitHub, so it seems like you’ve successfully logged in using that).