📕 Common Voice Community Playbook v1.2 (Review)

Hey Common Voice Community,


Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for the Community Playbook. The updated text is now available on the google doc.

Key changes based on feedback

  • Changes in copy format
  • Navigation list called " I would like to do x"
  • New pages including maintenance, community and advocacy
  • Outlined draft maintenance process

Future changes

In the next week, I will be adding the changes and also asking for case studies from the Community.

Thanks again for your help !

July Post - Original

It’s been nearly a year since the Community Playbook was refreshed. We know the playbook is essential to supporting participation within Common Voice!

Share your views !

We would love your input on how it can be improved. Please submit your suggestions to this google form by 22nd July. (note this form is written in English and if you would like to translate the form into another language please contact me.)

The review so far

Based on my conversations so far I have started a review of the playbook, please feel free to look via this Draft 1 of V1.2 Community Playbook. .

Once I have reviewed your amazing ideas, I will include the draft document with the suggestions that can be delivered within the timeframe. The second draft of V1.2 will be open for comment via Google Docs before we start to localise it in Common Voice Languages.

I aim to publish version 1.2 of the Community Playbook by the end of July.

There will be future reviews of the Community playbook, to ensure that it is relevant and accessible for everyone.

This survey is anonymous, we look forward to hearing your ideas :slightly_smiling_face:.

Kind regards,



I added some comments on the doc as it is open (also for writing) to anyone.
I did also the form just in case.

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Not sure if it matters or could be specified in guidelines, but it would be great to see the normalization of the volume of audio clips!

People keep recording with their microphone at too low volume or earrape volume (too high), because each device is different, so they can’t even test their recordings, because probably their playback is fine.

Introduce a minimal volume threshold, or, even better, normalize the playback volume of the clips.
In this way, Common Voice will still works as intended (low volume, high volume…it is better), and people who validate recordings will be more likely to partecipate.

Hey @dag7,

Thanks so much for raising this, I think it would be good to include this in the playbook. I’m not too sure if you are aware of the discussion on recording guidelines validations.

We are also in the process of adding accuracy guidance onto the Common Voice Platform (added edit).

Many thanks,


Hey everyone,

Version 1.2 is now available learn more about the release here: https://github.com/common-voice/community-playbook/releases/tag/V1.2

Originally I wanted to include case studies but this will now feature on a collabrative contribution cookbook.

Many thanks,


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