Configuring GPIO pins

Here’s a wiki page that describes how to configure GPIO pins

Note that if you installed the gpio adapter prior to this morning (Feb 8, 2018), then you’ll need to remove it and add it back again in order to get the updated version, which supports input pins.

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I’m checking the wiki regarding GPIO pins i trying to figure out how to read a simple DHT22 sensor I have attached, but without any luck.

The GPIO adapter is designed for really simple gpio devices, like LEDs or relays.

The DHT22 isn’t really a GPIO device. It uses a 1-wire like protocol to talk with it and would require some special code. It looks like it is possible to talk to it using some python code on a raspberry pi, so it should be possible to create an adapter which would work with it.

This could be part of generic sensors addons, If there is a need let me know, I’ll help you.