GPIO Icons

(Kenny) #1

I have a question regarding the icons for GPIO pins.

I have several reed switches prewired in my house (they were attached to a brinks box).
I have wired them to the raspberry pi and using the GPIO addon I am able to see if they are open or closed. In the settings for the GPIO config I listed them as push buttons. Everything is working correctly.

Since I want my wife to have access so she can check the status, it is confusing that it displays “pushed” rather than “closed” since they are attached to a door. In the source code of other modules there are icons for a door sensor. So I downloaded the SVG and uploaded it as the Icon. Now it displays a door, but it is a static image.

I feel like I am missing something, but is there an easy way to get my GPIO pins to either show the door icon (used for other addons) and/or for me to change the text (rather than pushed, but open/closed)? (examples of the icons)


(Rzr) #2

See package.json of gpio-addon there there is a schema that could list different type of semantics for boolean…

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