Considering Turing College courses, feedback needed

Hello, Mozillians,

I’ve been learning to code for around 2 years at this point and I’m lacking a clear path and deeper learning material. Turing College seems like a really nice option, since they offer course-like material, but also the bootcamp aspect of a community and learning plans. The reviews and testimonials seem super legit as well, so I’m halfway convinced.

Has anyone here tried their courses? If so, please let me know if they’re worth the buck.

Link for reference:

Hi @Matas_V and welcome to the community :wave:

I’m sorry that seemingly no one here has any experience with Turing College courses.
If you decide to work through their material it would be cool if you could come back afterwards and give a short (or long :slightly_smiling_face:) review about it to help future learners to decide.

Thank you very much and good luck!