Contributing to the project

I really like this project and feel like I could add something meaningful to it. I’m a UI/UX/product person who can code.

Is there a way for me to get involved?

@thingsftws Welcome!

There are many ways to get involved. A good place to start might be to take a look through our Product Backlog of features to look for something you’d be interested in contributing to.

Awesome thanks @benfrancis . I’ve had a quick look, IMO UI tasks are where I can really help. My passion is making things easy to use, (hopefully) leading to higher adoption and happier users.

As a first time user myself there’s some things we can do to make WebThings better. This ticket looks like a good place to start

From the face of it, it looks like you guys discuss issues in Discourse and agree on a way forward. Is this right? I’d probably prepare some design assets to get us on the same page as part of this discussion. Then I suppose I could write some code and do a pull-request?