Council Meeting Notes - 2017-06-20

First of all apologies for being late uploading here/

During this meeting the council discussed the following:

  • Council’s organization:
  • Use github for tracking all subjects instead of email threads for TO DO’s
  • Better org on the meeting notes
  • Council chair: Konstantina’s term has finished, Flore volunteered for the next 2 months
  • Reps Path/Functional Doers: Flore has started working on the open questions
  • Open letter: need to validate data
  • Council All Hands: We discussed the agenda, topics and presentation that was given to Reps
  • Communication: 3 ideas for improvements (experiments) regarding communication in the GitHub issue
  • Onboarding: still going strong, 5 new applicants have been screened
  • Activate: focus on RainofRust and nightly activity last steps
  • Coaching: Proposal to be reviewed
  • Leadership: list of leadership resources to be published