Council Meeting Notes - 2017-07-11

During this meeting the council discussed the following:

  • Open letter: nothing new since last week
  • All Hands in San Francisco: draft for a blogpost to be reviewed by council members
  • Question about certificate for attending a local event:
  • reminder that no rep is allowed to sign anything on behalf of Mozilla.
  • For events fully organized by reps, there is a template certificate that can be used and signed by the reps. Any change (except for the placeholders) has to be reviewed by the Reps Council.
  • Communication (Alex + Elio ): nothing new since last week
  • Onboarding:
  • Clean up mentorship bugzilla component
  • Try to get stats on the new onboarding process
  • Acivate:
  • Nightly activity has launched! -> Try and get some initial stats
  • Elio has submitted a rebrand idea
  • Konstantina is on conversations with the Rust team on next steps
  • Michael is working on Impact Form “result visibility” for Reps
  • Resources (Flore + Konstantina):
  • Identified 8 testers
  • Teachable is ready
  • Timeline is ready
  • Coaching (Faye + Michael):
  • Chages to wiki have been submitted and accepted by the Council
  • Wiki pages to be updated
  • Need to be uploaded on teachable

See you next week :smile:

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