Dev Community: Strategy final review

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hello everybody,

Thank you all for the feedback on the strategy document draft for the project. Based on it I turned this full narrative into a proper slide deck, which will be easier to share.

I need you to perform a final review (the slide deck is open for comment up to the end of the week) before moving forward with bringing it to a test audience for a formal test and validation prior to implementation:

Thank you all, I’m looking forward for your (new) feedback.


(Kairo) #2

The slide deck sounds great, I know too little of the program and plans to give detailed feedback on the content (but it sounds like a program I want to support) - that said, are Reps intentionally not mentioned (not necessarily development-focused) and are there already plans on how to integrate with Tech Speakers and Reps to push this?

(Jeremie Patonnier) #3

Yes, and you guess it right, the Reps program is not a specific developer targeted program. I focus the document on the few programs and products that specifically target developers. Moreover, the Reps program is one of the way Mozilla organize its community of volunteers. That new program we are working on doesn’t necessarily intent to recruit new Mozilla volunteers, it’s more about organizing Mozilla support to people who are passive toward Mozilla but active upon the same topics as we are.

At that stage, no. We currently focus on the high level strategy plus we start discussing with potential target to assess if this new project is a good idea. Detail tactics will be discussed in a few weeks (sometimes between March and April) so we will have a clearer vision at that time about who and what we want to integrate from what is already existing at Mozilla.