Cannot find the addon I ported?

I recently ported from Chrome an extension called Breeze++, and I uploaded it to Firefox, but I cannot find it on the extension site, nor can other people when I asked them to try.

What is its status on your “My Add-ons” page:

It shows the name, when I last updated and the version.

For comparison, does your “Manage Status & Versions” screen look anything like either of these examples? The first case is a typical published extension, and the second was submitted for signing and private distribution.

Managed to finally get the screenshot tool working. This is how it looks like.

Hi @Sentinel, it’s because you selected the option to distribute the file yourself and not on You should have received an email with a link to the Developer Hub where you can download the .xpi file and install it.

If you want the extension to be available for download on AMO, increase the version number and follow this process to submit it as a listed extension:

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