Firefox for Android and laverna


Hi, a few months ago I gave laverna a try and now came back to it to make it work with a RemoteStorage again. But unfortunately i forgot my passoword.
Now, thats not bad because it just was a test i did.
None of the notes are relevant.
So i wold like to set up laverna again but i can’t because the browser somehow stored the device name or something that identicates my mobile android phone. And always shows me the login of my first connection.
I tryed several things and then I tryed on Firefox for windows and found that in the settings i had to delete a line in security - saved passwords called laverna. Then i was able to make a new account.
But how can i do that on firefox for android? I don’t find that. I tryed to delete all kind of private data but without success…

(Michael Comella) #2

Hi Novski.

You can access your saved logins in 3-dot menu -> Settings -> Privacy -> Manage logins. I have been unable to verify that you can delete a login (…I forgot my master password x_x). If you can’t, if you sync your passwords, you should be able to delete the login on desktop and sync it to mobile.

I’m not sure if this solves your problem because I wouldn’t expect the password manager to prevent you from using a different account on a website, but hopefully it helps!


The password for laverna is unfortunately not stored there…
In the meantime i found that the cloud software “cozy” has a remotestorage integrated and i managed to use that one…
Regards, Novski