Lessons from MozFest for Community Education

Please share here anything that’s related to/useful for/even remotely about community education portal from MozFest.

Even if you think something’s not useful for the portal, it might be a good idea to write it down here because there might be a way someone else could remix that and make it useful.

Also, what interesting conversations did you have in MozFest about the portal?

Anything goes here…


Daniele and Greg have some interesting insights.

There are people who contribute to Mozilla like this. Mostly coders, I think. They can do a large number of things, if those things strike a chord with them. They look at those things as learning opportunities. I’ve been like this too. I fix bugs if I want to learn how that component works.

Getting down with github Etherpad with all the material online

This is a treasure trove of github things.

I’m a programmer and I talk very often as a coach instead I need to simplify my talk when I talk to an audience like this. Type remove unnecessary text, simplify the concepts and put pictures that focus attention.

[…] Good Leaders = Good Teacher […]

Also the talk it confirmed that the project passopasso.mte90.net (in italian) is a good idea because they give users the tools to make them self-help to get busy and engage in the project. The same session made me think of new features to this portal.

@Mte90, I’m curious. What does passopasso do? (Can’t figure out the Italian. Is it like bugsahoy?)

Btw, your slides on dev tools are awesome!

countries like Italy where they still do not have a broadband connection, open data are something little-known and where digital literacy stops at Whatsapp

So, it appears like digital literacy stops at Whatsapp even in Italy :smiley: Maybe we should think of Whatsapp forwards that improve Web literacy. (Thinking of which, my dad & mom use Whatsapp exclusively. @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw, this is what you were talking about in your mozfest session, right?)

This should apply to remote learners as well. We should make the learner sitting alone staring at their computer screen feel special.

  • Onboarding is vastly different across the Globe. […]
  • The Tech Speaker series is critically important. […]
  • Everyone is trying to figure out GitHub […]
    […]Some of the best lessons I have ever written were on the back of cocktail napkins. We need to have as many channels open for people to share curriculum

This is a point I keep thinking of too.

[…] Just make sure the curriculum writing process is the same across all of Mozilla

And this point ironically comes right after that. We have different ways of creating content. If we can make it all one, it’d be easier to get done. Hopefully when our making content editable without knowledge of github gets fixed, this will pave way for that.

Woot. So many ideas in just two blog posts.

Wow thanks for pulling these together. Can’t wait to read everyone else’s post. No remote learner should ever be alone. Online learning does not equal alone.

Part of the reason I think the storytelling needs to happen before the learning. Having people learn out loud on their own places online leads to the best learning as it is also teachers lurkers and future leaders.

PassoPasso is an italian version of oneandadone with our tasks (http://passopasso.mte90.net/cose/ is explained in english here)

Thank you :smiley:

I think that for that we need to work on promotion of other platform. How I promote other solution respect whatsapp? Simple I have blocked whatsapp so I don’t receive notification and I read only when I want so the people write me to other platform. I know is not the better solution but with few people works.

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