List a previously unlisted extension


I’ve got an extension which is currently unlisted. I’d like to list it on the addons store now. The option isn’t visible under “Status & Versions” tho. How can i change this setting?


You need to upload a new version where in the very beginning you select that you want to make it a listed version.

ah okay. So I need to delete the original one and completely restart… I wasn’t sure if this the way

No, no need to delete anything. You just upload a new version, with a bumped version number.

ahh okay - thanks for highlighting it again!

I have tried this and haven’t seen the option. Maybe I went through to quick. I’ll try again.

I went through it again: First zip file than source code and then it’s going to review. No option to change visibility @freaktechnik

See the blue “Change” under “Where to Host Version”.

Ahhh, okay. Thank you @freaktechnik! I totally skipped that part :smiley: Just submitted it

You’re welcome

by the way, that’s why I mentioned that specifically :slight_smile:

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Yeah, saw it now! Thank you for your help! It’s live now:

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