Little Tip if Browser Gives Error Setting Up IOT Gateway Start Page

The first time that I tried to set up the gateway page on my WIFI, I received an error that the page couldn’t be found. Some routers do not have an IP of 198.0.123. In this case you have to force the IP. Here’s what I did…

NOTE: All quoted terms and phrases are things you should type (with quotes omitted)

  1. Open command module in Windows on your PC (you can do this by typing “command” in the start menu)
  2. Type “ping gateway.local”
  3. Write down the IP address that results from the ping.
  4. In your web browser type the IP found with the ping.
  5. Boom! You should see the gateway interface.*

*You may get a page showing an invalid certificate error. On that page, just click the link for details, which will reveal more information and a link to proceed despite the warning. Click that link (it’s subtle, but it’s there), and you should see the start page.

Getting Started Guide:

Perhaps you are talking about going between steps 4 and 5?

Yes, if http://gateway.local does not resolve in your browser for step 5, then you can type the IP address that the gateway obtained from step 4. On Windows 10, I have had to type
ping -4 gateway.local
on the command line in order to see a ping reply for IPv4.

Also, after the initial setup is complete, you can change the local host name of the gateway to something else, under Settings > Domain.