Login to slack with auth0 forbidden

In attempting to log in to Mozilla slack on android device, I’m prompted to log in with auth0. Doing so brings up a github login screen, after which I’m presented the forbidden screen.

Signing out of github has no affect

Hey Mike, looking at your profile it looks like you’re not a member of the access group that grants access to slack. Have you ever been able to access slack before?

If so, what identity (email address) did you use to access slack?

If not, here’s some information on gaining access to slack : https://wiki.mozilla.org/NDA-Slack

Hello Gene,

I am having a similar problem but the message says I have to use my mozilla account. I do, and I get the message. I’ve always had access before.
I would greatly appreciate your help!.

@gaby2300 could you update your profile settings to share your email address with at least Mozilla Staff as I can’t see what your email address is to lookup your account to see what might be causing your problem


Also, can you share the message you’re getting?

@gene, I already share my info with Mozilla staff. My profile says Access to Mozilla Confidential and Slack.

In case you cannot access, here is my email address: gmontagu at gmail dot com

Regarding the the message I am getting, I’ll try to add a screenshot.

Thanks you so much for trying to help me!

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Wrong sreenshot, sorry!

Here goes the correct one! It is actually after login in with my Firefox Account.

I already share my info with Mozilla staff. My profile says Access to Mozilla Confidential and Slack.

It looks like the “Display Setting” for your email address may not grant staff rights to view it. No worries, though with the email address you shared I was able to find your profile.

And that screenshot didn’t come through. If that doesn’t work, just a copy paste of the text of the error message would help.

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Yes, both screenshots disapeared…

The error message is the following:


https://mozilla.slack.com requires you to setup additional security measures for your account, such as enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) or using a safer authentication method (such as a Firefox Account login). You will not be able to login until this is done.

And it is after actually signing in with my Firefox Account.

Aha ok, I understand. Yes, to log into Slack you must use a login method that provides a higher degree of assurance about your identity.

This means you need to login with one of these methods

If you’re finding that you’re not being prompted to choose which type of login you’re using you can go to https://sso.mozilla.com/ and click your avatar image in the upper right and choose Log Out.

Yes!!! Logging out did the trick! Then I signed in with Google because Github took me to the Firefox account only option.

Thank you so much for your help @gene, I greatly appreciate it!!