Make-up meeting


The last couple weeks have been hard for people to get together, and I will be unavailable for our meeting this Thursday.

I’d like to suggest two meetings to catch up. Monday and Tuesday at 12pm EST (5pm UTC).

Please let me know which you can make it to and/or if you can make it but at a slightly different time.

@tad @tanner @leo @logan @yousef @mrz @cso @MichaelaRBrown @jamesboston

Basically everything needs to be covered, but here are the high points:

  • Discourse
  • Pilot doc
  • AMA
  • Meet-up proposal
  • Supporting work that needs to be done in advance eg agenda, goals for 2015
  • Goals for 2015 doc (also blocks meet-up proposal)
  • Blog and content
  • We should hack on some blog posts and schedule posting

(Colin) #2

I don’t finish work until 6PM UTC, so couldn’t make a meeting until at least then - but I’m not at home until 8PM UTC most days…


@cso I am free after 8pm UTC Mon - Wed, want to suggest a day?

(Colin) #4

I think Wednesday is my only free time at home (where I can definitely be in - barring train delays!)

(Michaela R. Brown) #5

Both days work for me, though I’d prefer Tuesday.

(Logan Rosen) #6

Mondays at 5 PM UTC are cutting it close (I have a class that ends at 5), and I definitely can’t do Tuesdays at 5 (I have a class from 4:10 to 6).


@logan - would you be free later on Monday? or would the later time on Wednesday that cso has proposed also work for you?

I am not opposed to having a meeting every day to be able to coordinate with each of you, so please feel free to just say what works, and if others can make it, they can make it.

(Logan Rosen) #8

On Mondays, it would have to be a decent amount later (think 8 PM UTC). I have no classes on Wednesdays, so that’s obviously preferable. :smiley:


Ok, it looks like we’ll meet on Tuesday and on Wednesday. I’ll update times tomorrow.

(Yousef Alam) #10

Wednesday would also work better for me.


ok, so for Tuesday we’ll go at 12pm EST/5 pm UTC? @MichaelaRBrown

And on Wednesday we’ll do 3pm EST/8pm UTC? @cso @logan @yousef

(Michaela R. Brown) #12

Sounds great :slight_smile:

(Colin) #13

Works for me, hopefully!