Infrastructure 2015-01-04


We are expecting to have this meeting, please “RSVP” with whether or not you are planning to attend. If you aren’t going to make it, please reply with a stand-up style update:

  • Did you get anything done?
  • Are you planning to get anything done before the next meeting?
  • Is something stopping you from getting something done?

If the answer is no to all of these questions, no need to share.

@tanner @yousef @mrz @leo @logan @jboston @tad

(Tanner Filip) #2

Still waiting on Brian’s approval before I can do anything else with Fan The Flames.

(Yousef Alam) #3

Nothing new this week, over the next week I’m gonna be working on getting the Discourse servers puppetized for easy updates.


Brian’s been on vacation, we should hear this week.

(Leo McArdle) #5

Need to organise meeting for Ruby code review after exams on Tuesday and Wednesday.

(mrz) #6

Wouldn’t mind re-exploring the right day/time for these team meetings. Sunday’s is barely working for me.

(Colin) #7

The problem with trying to find times for meetings is working with people that are spread around the goal… and who have vastly different schedules.

This comes down to a point I made before about if you’re not in the chat or the meetings (as I’ve been unable to be for a few weeks for various reasons) then you miss out on things…

(mrz) #8

Agree. Perhaps there’s several meetings that need to happen to cover different timezones/availability.