Reps are reporting that they know what MDM is about (as OKR for 2019 H2)

Hi Reps,

One of the objectives of 2019 H2 OKRs of Rep program is,

By the end of 2019, Reps are feeling informed and are more confident to contribute to Mozilla initiatives

And we have one of the key results as,

More than 80% of the reps are reporting that they know what MDM is about.

Here is my plan milestone to accomplish the KR,

  • Milestone 1: Promote the value of MDM via the blogpost
  • Milestone 2: Have a section on reps call once a month to talk about MDM and MDM portal
  • Milestone 3: Run a call with the mentors to talk about MDM and how they talk with their about it with their mentees
  • Milestone 4: Run a survey to ensure that Reps are on the 80%

please check the bug for detailed timeline and action items:

Please add your feedback, or reply here if you want to help. Thanks.


I feel the whole mentor -> mentees approach is getting old. There are quite some downsidew to this approach, as for example an inactive mentor won’t talk to their mentees and therefore there is a lack of communication. Additionally, quite some number of Reps said in a recent survey that they are not happy with their current mentor. Can we come up with a way that doesn’t depend on the mentor? Maybe we could even make learning about MDM a fun activity? I sometimes feel the definitions around are quite dry. Maybe we could do a little contest for Reps on who can come up with the best visualization for example? Of course that’s only one idea, I’m sure other Reps would have others.

Would love to hear what Reps think about spicying this up a bit.

Given that the goal is 80% of all Reps, how will we account for inactive Reps or Reps who don’t want to fill out the survey?

Just a thought, we could promote MDM the same way we promoted Activate Mozilla, and also in some ways promoted FxOS too. Creating hype and buzz is the key here. Activate Mozilla made way for many new opportunities, say for example Rust. Maybe we can do something along those lines.

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I am wondering if there are updates about it because it is like an year that there anre’t a lot.

It wasn’t already done in the previous months?

We have a #community-portal category with weekly updates. Is there something else you are missing we can incorporate?

MDM is not only about the portal but also about the MDM initiative, campaigns and improving the awareness itself.
Right now that as initiative there aren’t a lot of updates also about the awareness itself, so seems like that is abandoned. Usually this happens in Mozilla where there are no updates is abandoned and I am worried about it.

Can you help us understand better what are your expectations here in terms of updates? Mission-Driven Mozillians campaigns have been happening continuously during the past months, and we have been interacting with Reps and Mozillians in general for awareness of the campaigns.

The portal is an example of focus are were we have been investing more time.

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In the past we had calls about MDM, specific calls or offline events about MDM.
Also updates on Discourse like Mission-Driven Mozillians 2019 Update (of January).
I remember too that was the plan to get MDM more promoted also inside Mozilla but I didn’t see any stuff about in the TL;DR newsletter for it.

Right now to see if there are any new campaign we have the reps meetings notes again on Discourse so this is very good (Council Meeting Notes - 2019-09-03) after a lot of months, before I had to check on or on Telegram for rumors.

New campaigns are announced on Mozillians Discourse, all Reps channels and via email to everyone subscribed to the Activate newsletter

Is there other channels we are missing that you think we should cover?

PS: Mission-Driven Mozillians campaigns have been featured in TL;DR (Fenix, Common Voice, SUMO…)

Yes my issue is that often they are very late like a month or less before as I can remember. But now with the mozilla reps council meeting updates is more easy to get them because it was like before I left the council that they was missing.

My opinion should be more often, MDM is what the volunteers are doing, they don’t do only campaigns but also other stuff. I remember that there was an OKR to get more aligned/informed mozilla employee about what us do.
Maybe also share the link of the mozilla reps newsletter or other stuff is important because I remember the many chats with Mozilla employees that doesn’t know what volunteers are doing…