Moving from one p4 to a p4 with ssd (rebindRequired: True)?

I’m trying to move from one raspberry pi4 (sdhc) to one with an ssd. The second has a clone of the sdhc card installed on the ssd. Before shutting down the original I backup /home/pi with tar -cpzf. I move the new pi4 into place, use the same Conbee2 and after restoring /home/pi and starting webthings-gateway, I see the webUI, and zigbee devices don’t react (can’t operate them).

after looking at the application log I see:
O : zigbee-adapter: setProperty property: on for: zb-000d6f000a791e93-button profileId: 0104 endpoint: 1 clusterId: 0006 zcl: off value: false
2021-03-13 11:59:01.207 INFO : zigbee-adapter: ----- Nodes -----
2021-03-13 11:59:01.209 INFO : zigbee-adapter: Node: 00212effff04db16 0000 Name: zb-00212effff04db16-Dongle rebindRequired: true endpoints: []
2021-03-13 11:59:01.210 INFO : zigbee-adapter: Node: 000d6f000507610b 689c Name: zb-000d6f000507610b-button rebindRequired: true endpoints: [ ‘1’ ]
2021-03-13 11:59:01.211 INFO : zigbee-adapter: Node: 000d6f00053ac4bf 6ca7 Name: zb-000d6f00053ac4bf-button rebindRequired: true endpoints: [ ‘1’ ]
2021-03-13 11:59:01.212 INFO : zigbee-adapter: Node: 000d6f000a76f59e 08f6 Name: zb-000d6f000a76f59e-button rebindRequired: true endpoints: [ ‘1’ ]
2021-03-13 11:59:01.213 INFO : zigbee-adapter: Node: 000d6f000a797ffa eec4 Name: zb-000d6f000a797ffa-button rebindRequired: true endpoints: [ ‘1’ ]

No other errors. Any ideas what went wrong?

I suggest that you try resetting a device and trying to reconnect to the Zigbee network. What I suspect is that some setting on the Zigbee dongle was reset during the move and the devices don’t recognise it any more.
What Zigbee dongle do you use?

ConBee2. When I move the dongle back to the original Pi4, everything is recognized and works, so recovery after the failed move was fairly painless.

I think what happens is that the PANID for the ConBee dongle is perhaps tied to a specific installation. When you use an SSD on a new Pi, maybe that tie is lost and a new PANID is generated for the dongle. When you switch back to the original SD card, everything is remembered.
If you want to check this fully, then move the dongle back to the new Pi and SSD and reset one device (choose an easy to reset and easy to move device) and re-connect it. Then reboot and see if the connection is maintained.
If you decide to revert to the old Pi and SSD, then this device will need to be reconnected again.
If you decide to stay with the new configuration, then all the other devices will need re-connection.

Thank you. Gives me the idea of dumping the deconz config info inside the Conbee2 and checking it on each box, and see what changes.

Added a usb extension cable to the ConBee2. I was having signal interference from the usb3 loopback to the ssd. Replaced the server this weekend without any problems.