Very close to give up

I just upgraded my hardware, new Zigbee stick Conbee II Zigbee-controller, Raspberry 3 B+.
Downloaded the latest Mozilla Gateway image 0.92, burned image on a new SSD. Started everything up … and nothing seems to work correct.

I can pair devices, IKEA bulbs, plugs, Osram Smart+ plug. ( but it took time ).

But (there is always a but ) , eventhough those devices shows up on my things page, there i no “function”. Plugs can not be turned on off, Bulbs the same etc…etc

Please advice or I go out and buy something off the shelf … :slight_smile:

There are a number of YouTube videos that might help you + there’s a bunch of multi-part tutorials out there such as a number of step by step series of tutorials such as:

FYI it often takes time to pair Zigbee etc devices with off-the-shelf gateways/hubs as well.

Okay, I decided to give it a new try,

Step 1. Created a new image, and booted Pi, waited long.
Step 2. NEW problem. Cant connect to Pi, “connection refused”.

Why ???
( servers and other stuff on my internal net works )

ahhh okay.
It seems like the Zigbee stick somhow interfered with the “first time startup” procedure. When I removed the stick I could connect to the gateway.

Next problem. I’ve first installed the DateTime adapter. Installed nicely … I thought. Settings panel told me it was installed.

Then I tried to pair the gateway with different Zigbee devices ( Zigbee stick in place). No luck at all … whatsoever.

For som reasons I rebooted the gateway.

After reboot when I pressed the “add device” button the “DateTime adapter” appeared as a “Thing”. I pressed save and done.

Next time I pressed the pair button some of the devices I tried to add before suddenly showed up, they where just there.

Also, pairing other devices worked as expected …

So, warning for the DateTime adapter and rebooting can help.

This kind of stuff can take may years from my expected life length.

BTW, I have paired the gateway with the Osram Smart+ Plug.