As previously discussed, the German community site is in need of a redesign. It would be great if we could use this topic to discuss what we’d like to add, remove or change. The UK community has adopted the new design and matched the content. Perhaps that would be a good idea for us as well.

My personal suggestions would be to put more emphasis on the events and giving them a small overview on the front page. We would probably also want to remove the Google calendar and find a better solution for that. Another thing we should change is to make the Firefox download button a bit more obvious if most visitors just want to obtain a copy of it.

Hallo Jan

Wir können hier auch Deutsch schreiben, die anderen Communities machen das auch. Ganz ehrlich, ich weiss nicht, wie viele der deutschsprachigen Community-Mitglieder das hier lesen. Wahrscheinlich fast niemand.

Willst du die Diskussion auf die Mailingliste verschieben? (Discourse vs. Mailingliste wird beim Community Meetup besprochen ;))