Mozwall - Request API for profile images at

Hi Mozillians,

Me and Rizky Ariestiyansyah, right now are working on a side project to create a tweet feed wall that we called MozWall that you can check at

This kind of thing that you can use to preview at projector screen, for example. So you can show tweets with specific hashtag…

But we want to improve it to be more customizable for mozillians around the world. So what we have in mind is when you are from France for example, you can customize your country so the pictures shown at the wall will be mixed mozillians, but those in color are only mozillians from France, while the others in black and white.

To do this, we need to request API for profile images at

Anyone can help us?

Anyway, Rizky already file a bug about it few days ago, but still get no response…

@leo can probably help if he has time

@yofiesetiawan can you give me an update on this issue- I see none on the bugzilla bug.

Actually I am at a pre alpha stage with a project in collaboration with mozilla science lab(mainly to teach/demo on dev evangelism events) which may require access to the api. I would like to be aware of what it entails.

well… this project is developed by @ariestiyansyah unfortunately is not active anymore, rizky can you give us update regarding this?

Hi @majken @avik and @yofiesetiawan the project is no longer supported by me (Deprecated) so I don’t need API for profil images anymore. For anyone who interest with this project can use the source code here :