Participation OKRs for Q1 2017

Hello all,
I would like to officially present our OKRs for Q1 2017. These OKRs are connected with the Open Innovation objectives. In order to understand them better, please take a look at the info graphic made by @nukeador.

So here are the OKRs:

Objective 1: Demonstrate how innovative approaches to community development can deliver value to clear business objectives

  • KR1: 100 new people are making valuable technical contributions to Mozilla through Campus Clubs
  • KR2: Plan agreed with Developer Marketing/Developer Relations for the creation of a web developer community

Objective 2: In collaboration with MoFo, we have a comprehensive understanding of our existing communities and a draft proposal for organizing models moving forward

  • KR1: Data and qualitative narrative of existing communities and contributors, their skills, motivations, locations and current state of impact
  • KR2: Draft proposal for organizing models for moving forward [shared with Participation Investigation and MoFo]

Objective 3: We start to have a unified approach across Mozilla of recruiting, aligning and investing in mobilizers (including the Reps program) that is showing direct value for business objectives

  • KR1: Shared onboarding framework and tools are identified for Reps, Regional Coaches, Club Leads and Resource Leads [shared with MoFo]
  • KR2: 50% of Reps activities are in support of activities prioritized on Activate mobilizer portal
  • KR3: Mobilizer sentiment >20 NPS
  • KR4: Core community sentiment >11.5 NPS

Objective 4: We have begun mapping existing institutional relationships and identifying the strategy and required resources for facilitating relationship management

  • KR1: Inventory of all existing University/institutional relationships in existence across Mozilla
  • KR2: Draft strategy created for relationship pipeline and management, including resource and skills needs

Objective 5: Prioritized set of D&I initiatives, informed by research/insights gathering, to run in Q2 [shared with D&I]

  • KR1: Prioritized set of D&I initiatives, informed by research/insights gathering, to run in Q2 [shared with D&I]
  • KR2: 100 volunteer Mozillians have provided feedback on the draft Community Participation Guidelines

Please let us know in the comments what you think about them and add any feedback you might have. @lucyeoh and Patrick from the Open Innovation team will be also in the Reps call today, 16:00 UTC talking about those and replying to any questions.