Participation OKRs Q2 2017

Hello everyone,
as every quarter, I would like to present the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that we have set for this quarter. In an effort to make them easier it understand, we’ve created an info-graphic that shows the connection of these OKRs with Open Innovation’s objectives.

OKRs in detail:

Objective 1 - We demonstrate how innovative approaches to community development can deliver new technical contributors to Mozilla technologies.

  • KR 1 - 20 new diverse US clubs are making valuable technical contributions to Mozilla (or Mozilla supported) open source projects through Student Clubs [shared with Open Source Experiments].
  • KR 2 - Pilot 2-3 in-market experiments for recruiting and building diverse and inclusive developer communities [Shared with Dev Marketing + Dev Rel]
  • KR 3 - Activate is actively engaging 70 new technical contributors

Objective 2 - We have shown progress on the creation of a unified approach across Mozilla for recruiting, aligning and investing in mobilizers that is showing direct value for business objectives.

  • KR 1 - Core community sentiment >11.5 NPS
  • KR 2 - Mobilizer sentiment >15 NPS
  • KR 3 - 70% of Reps activities are in support of activities prioritized on Activate mobilizer portal
  • KR 4 - 100% of Activate activities are using the new feedback/tracking mechanism

Objective 3 - We have a comprehensive understanding of our existing communities and a draft proposal for organizing models moving forward

  • KR 1 - Data and qualitative narrative of existing communities and contributors, their skills, motivations, locations and current state of impact.
  • KR 2 - Mobilizer experiment has produced a clear set of recommendations that will inform our mobilizer strategy and programs.

Objective 4 - We have a preliminary D&I for Participation strategy that is an opinionated and reliable input to the OI Strategy and teams across Mozilla [shared with D&I]

  • KR 1 - 3 experiments have tested and validated research-based hypotheses
  • KR 2- Deliver a preliminary draft of the D&I for Participation Strategy
  • KR 3 - We pilot CPG implementation in 2 communities and publish the results

Do you have any feedback/questions? Let us know by leaving a comment here :slight_smile:

Lucy (@lucyeoh) will also be in the Reps Call, Thursday, April 20th, 16:00 UTC explaining the OKRs and answering to questions.

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