Rep of the Month - April 2016

Join us in congratulating Daniele as Reps of the Month for April 2016!

Daniele is a Mozilla Rep from Italy. He is helping to build the Italian community, coordinating it and also gives talks in Italy. Apart from that he is active in localization from English to Italian and loves coding. When he has time for it, he is improving the Reps portal contributing patches to it. Recently he also started a discussion to improve the Reps portal on a more general level.

Daniele has been involved in the RepsNext Working Groups since the beginning. With all his enthusiasm he was part of a lot of working groups (Alignment, Meta, Leadership), joining meetings every week and giving his valuable input. Without him it would have been way harder to grasp the need of Reps during the important phases. You can find out more about his recent Reps activities on his Reps profile where he reported a lot of activities which enables us to see all his great contributions.

Keep up the good work!


Congrats Daniele!!! keep on rocking :sunglasses:

Thank you but my face it is very strange in that photo XD


Amazing work and energy @Mte90! :clap::sunglasses::tada:

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Congrats Daniele! :smiley:

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Congrats bro :tada: :confetti_ball::boom:

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Congrats @Mte90! Well deserved. By the way, beautiful picture. It was probably taken at MozFest?

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Yep Mozfest during my live report of the event.

Congratulations mate.

Congratulations Daniele! Keep up the great Work :slight_smile:

Yeah! :smiley: Congratulation Daniele. You got an impressive commitment to the RepsNext Working Groups and an interesting panel of events in your reports :ok_hand: :tada: :clap:

By the way, nice picture :wink:
Reminds me something of the Shakespearean face

Congratulations Daniele! Keep on being such a strong force within the program!

Thank you all!

Congratulazioni! Daniele

Congrats my friend :slightly_smiling: ! Awesome

thanks to all!

Congratulations Daniele :relieved: