Council Meeting Notes - 2019-09-03

Hi Reps, this is our meeting notes for 3rd September 2019.

More activities related to MDM campaigns are reported on reps portal (as OKR for 2019 H2 )

Plan to getting inactive Reps re-active via campaigns (as OKR for 2019 H2 )

Plan to encourage community participation in Mozilla Reps campaigns

Reps are reporting that they know what MDM is about (as OKR for 2019 H2)

Plan to enage more contributions by giving them training on different skills. (as OKR for 2019 H2 )


  1. Mozillagram
    Discourse topic here.
  • Already received password.
  1. Mozillian of the Month Team - github
  1. Place to store Rep’s call note and decomplishment of the etherpad
  1. Recommendation based on the survey - Discuss next week and check if it’s covered by current OKRs
  • Waiting for rep to give feedback, will related to Shahid’s OKR
  1. Peers action item about sharing public meeting notes.
  1. About Common Voice back to school campaign and reps involvements on ideation
  • Campaign targeted on October
  • Ping Rep after K return on next week
  • Start thinking about how to engage Reps into the problem space and coming with their own assumptions and testing them (and feeling empowered and with the tools to do so)

This has been received by now.