Reps Council Elections H1 2021 - Proposed Timeline

Hi Reps!

As the next Reps Council elections are coming up soon, I wanted to share a draft of the timeline. The voting period is more than 1 week due to holidays in some regions during that period. This is not definitive, we might also just move it, this is to be discussed.

Please have a look and post any concerns or feedback you might have. Thanks!




  • 12.04.2021 - Onboarding begins (@couci)
  • 14.04.2021 - New Council members have write access to GitHub Reps repo (@MichaelKohler)
  • 14.04.2021 - New Council members are in the reps_leadership p.m.o group (@couci)
  • 14.04.2021 - New Council members are in the Matrix channel (@couci)
  • 14.04.2021 - New Council members are in the reps-council Google Group to have access for documents (@couci)
  • 14.04.2021 - New Council members have access to Slack (@Francescaminelli)
  • 03.05.2021 - Onboarding is done and new Council is operational - new council members have confirmed they all have access to everything (@couci)
  • 06.05.2021 - Outgoing Council members are removed from Matrix channel (@couci)
  • 06.05.2021 - Outgoing Council members are removed from reps_leadership / OI Mozillians group (@couci)
  • 06.05.2021 - Outgoing Council members are removed from reps-council Google group (@couci)
  • 06.05.2021 - Community Portal is updated with new Council members in Council group (@couci)
  • 06.05.2021 - Blog announcement for new members + outgoing members is published (@couci)
    06.05.2021 - Mozilla Leadership Page is updated (@MichaelKohler)
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I don’t think that this time I will vote.
As today, we don’t know what is doing the Reps Council since a couple of years (before the Mozilla reorg) ->
The last one is from 2018.
Updates from All Hands are there -> but as this semester there wasn’t we don’t have any other updates.

How we can vote the council members if we don’t know if they did what they promised as example?
I only know that they worked around the Mentor stuff for a call we had in December, but I think that is a problem of thrust in the program.

As ex council member I know that is difficult to write it, but it is part of the transparency of the program, if we ask for transparency to Mozilla in their discussions and so on we need to do it for us itself.
I asked few times during these years to start again with those but seems that my requests was ignored.
I am wondering if I am just the only one in the program that notice issues and discuss in Discourse as I did in those years after leaving the council.

Hi Daniele,

Thank you for raising this topic.
Communication is an issue that we need to tackle, and I think that I cannot offer here a solution that would do it justice. This is an issue that needs more discussion, both within the council and within the Reps more in general. However, we can try to tackle the short-term issues of giving information on what the council has been doing in the last few months.

Due to the re-org some of the OKRs that had been put together at the Berlin All-Hands have been temporarily suspended. However, the council is still working on a mentorship project as well as on a project to involve Reps in supporting and growing local communities. We have also worked on other projects in the last year, e.g., the move to the Community Portal. I will write a more detailed report on these projects, and in general on the work that the council has been doing, and post it here on discourse, so you can ask what questions you have.


This timeline has been amended due to not having enough nominees in the first week. See the updated (moved by one week) timeline here: