Reps Mobilizers for WebExtensions

Hey amazing developers,

I am an extension developer but for Mozilla I am part of different programs. In the past as TechSpeaker I done talks about WebExtensions but this time I am involved for a new experimental initiative of the Mozilla Reps program (

Reps as Mobilizer ( is an experiment (with 4-5 people) about mobilize community and in my case it was asked if I want to experiment about Webextensions (Rust, WebVR and WebExtension are the mainly areas where Mozilla is investigating about promotion).

Actually the initiative is an experiment itself so we have no idea what is the plan or what will became. So I am focusing for the next 2 weeks about gathering information about developers issues and awareness about WebExtension promotion and community involvement/engagement.

I am starting with Italians developers as first (only for a regional fact) but I want to gather informations from others that want to leave feedbacks about it of course.

The addons team already started to gather information and experimenting with live events ( but what I have to do is basically about what is happening in your country or what issues do you see about WebExtension promotion.

As examples my own feedbacks about it:

  • Long queue for extension approval, the devs are demotivated to upload the extension on AMO
  • Mainly web devs use Chrome and they doesn't care of Firefox users because (mainly) they are not devs, so we need to improve the Firefox marketshare
  • It is difficult to create meetups or a national community for that topic because the extension panorama has different behaviour and needs from classic technologies
  • MDN examples and activities (Activate/Campus club) are perfect for promotion but after the people will continue to work on extensions? (I reviewed the activate activity of webextensions)

So to avoid any confusion or spam you can write in PM to me.

Of course I will keep updated about the status, actually I am not sure if will happen on discourse or via etherpad because I said the initiative is an experiment or an agile experiment :slight_smile:


This is great, @Mte90! I know that I am very interested in seeing the feedback that you receive. I would be interested in thinking through ways to create meetups for a local or national community that could be more sustainable than one-off events.

We are going to boost this at today’s community meeting. If you are able to join, you are welcome to attend and talk more about this project!

I missed the call (this week I am little busy with the job) but maybe for the next one :slight_smile:

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