Weekly Call 2015-09-03


  • Thursday September 3rd, 15:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Help me with my project
  2. What we’re working on in Council
  3. Participation Gatherings
  4. Open Space talks - add your suggestion
  5. Firefox 42
  6. Webmaker

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

Raw notes here ( after pad migration):


  1. Hi my name is George and I am global (in Toronto today).
  2. Hi my name is Stefan Costen(slayer) im from the UK (the internet)
  3. Hi my name is Francisco, and I am from Madrid (Spain, sunny Spain)
  4. Hi, I’m Ioana and I live in Romania. The Rep Vampire form Transylvania.
  5. Hi my name is Michael and I’m from Switzerland and can’t concentrate right now -.-
  6. Hi my name is Ikram and I am from Bangladesh
  7. Hi I’m HarshaBandaru Rep from Hyderabad, India
  8. Hi my name is Erin and I’m from Santa Cruz, California
  9. Hi, my name is Elio and I’m from Tirana, Albania
  10. Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m from Portland, OR
  11. Hi my name is Irvin and I’m from Taipei Taiwan
  12. Namaste ! I am Prathamesh from Pune, India
  13. Sunnat from Dhaka. :slight_smile:
  14. Konstantina and I’m from das internet! :smiley:
  15. Hi i’m Anis and i’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  16. Ashickur Rahman from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  17. Umesh from India *
  18. Hi, my name is Hasan and I’m from Karachi, Pakistan *
  19. Hi my name is Rara and I am from Jakarta - Indonesia - Clear with periodic clouds, 27C
  20. Hi, I’m Alex and I live in London, but I come from Romania. The Other, Less Known, Rep Vampire form Transylvania.
  21. San James and I live in Kampala, Uganda *
  22. Hi I’m Ina in Jakarta, Indonesia
  23. Hi, my name is Sammy Fung from Hong Kong.
  24. Hi, Stephen, from Dublin
  25. wisssam
  26. Hi my name is Mrinal Jain , and I am from India
  27. Am Jb fromm Kampala-Uganda *
  28. Hi my name is Emin Mastizada, and I’m from Azerbaijan

Shout outs!

TOPIC 1 - New Thimble (Hannah, product manager, Mozilla Learning Networks team) (5 minutes)

  • We just launched a new, enhanced version of Thimble: thimble.mozilla.org
  • Thimble now supports multiple files, so you can create linked web pages, separate out your CSS and JavaScript, etc.
  • There are a lot of other changes and enhancements: choose a theme, use a mobile preview, improved tutorial functionality, and more
  • Let us know what you think! We’re in #thimble.
  • And we’d love for you to file any bugs you find on github.
    RELEVANT LINKS: Thimble, Github

TOPIC 2 - Fall Campaign (:elan, Erin Lancaster, Engineering Program Manager, Firefox) (10 minutes)

TOPIC 3 - Participation Gatherings (George)

  • Taking all 3 future events together. There were a lot a questions since the launch and a variety of answers linked. Take time and read them and let us know if your questions is not replied. 2016 broader efforts to grow the no of people interested in mozilla. Find people who are not already Reps.A recommendation letter is required. Open Application process for al mozillians.
  • Take a moment and check out which of the 3 events matches your plans/goals for 2016 1) 2) Working with the functional areas 3) Mozillians who wanna grow and organize other people in the community. Slight expansion of RemoCamp
  • Council - If you are planning to apply for council in October be sure to apply for Workweek All hands and summit leadership.
    RELEVANT LINKS: Wiki, FAQ Global Gatherings,, Related Blog.

TOPIC 4 - Future Events ( Francisco)

TOPIC 5 - Help me with my project!

TOPIC 6 - What we’re working on in Council ( San James )

  • Budget >500 Planning about the events
  • Reps 2.0
  • Reps call, trying to look at ways to make it more efficient
  • Kerala community meet-up, offering guidance and support
  • Improving processes of the council
  • Initiative on bloggins - report more about the initiatives than events - ping Ioana Chioran for more details
  • Rep of the month - coming soon

TOPIC 7 - Open Space Discussions Elio

  • Is there an established bridge between staff and volunteers for different contribution areas? Various contribution areas like Creative Design or Advocacy lack volunteer involvement, whereas other contribution areas like Reps are led by a great amount of volunteers. What can we do to allow volunteers be part of discussions in the contribution area they wish to help, not only where they’re welcome to.
  • Identify blockers for volunteer involvement.
  • Involve participation team to work on these blockers


  • Should a non-mentor Rep be able to run for council?
  • Identify if this is something Reps support (apparently yes)
  • Identify a nomination process for Reps who are eligible to run for council (we should be careful to not limit this, while still not ending up with 50 reps candidating)
  • Reinitiate discussion on Discourse
  • Create a proposal SOP *


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