Smart Plug recommendations?

I’m looking for a smart plug with the following attributes:–
1: Must work without internet connection (most wifi smart plugs are controlled through the cloud - I consider this to be an unacceptable security/privacy infringment)
2: Should have an energy monitoring function
3: Must be available in a form which complies with the european standard (i.e. not only US, UK, French, etc)
4: Should be physically small (i.e. not block the use of an adjacent socket in a double wall fitting)
5: Should be cheap.
6: I don’t mind whether it’s wifi or zigbee, but not zwave please.

Any suggestions?

(and any other criteria that I have missed?)

One option you can do is get a cheap Wifi plug that does use the cloud (like Tuya devices that are branded as a number of things: like this and then take it off of the cloud using Tasmota and Tuya convert (youtube video instructions here).

That way, you get the benefit of having some cheap wifi equipment that you can take off the cloud and use with Webthings!

I’d recommend the tp-link smart plugs. Initial setup is cloud, but day-to-day usage is not. I have mine on a dedicated v-lan that has no outside access. Only time it has access is during the initial setup when I update the firmware and set the wifi/network information

I have the TPLink outlets myself. Only problem is they do not report power usage.

Re tp-link:
HS110 has power monitoring, but it’s a bit bulky.
They have a new one “Tapo P100” - much smaller, but it doesn’t use the same app (Tapo instead of Kasa) so I don’t know if it can be used without an internet connection.
Re Tasmota and Tuya convert: just spent the last 2 days trying to use Tuya convert only to finally realise that the Teckin smart plugs that I have do not have an ESP82xx wifi module and so cannot be flashed. It seems a bit hit and miss - buy some plugs - then find out they are not flashable - buy some more…
At the moment INNR smart plugs look the most suitable. They do not have energy monitoring, but they are fairly small, and not too expensive, and being zigbee, they don’t need to be controlled through chinese servers.

IKEA plugs are Zigbee and work well using a USB radio and Mozilla WoT.

I use the Conbee II -

I’m using the Eve Energy plugs, which works really well and as they are homekit compatible, they work out of the box in the gateway and they require no cloud connection ever. I don’t remember the price though.

@KaiRo Eve Energy plugs are BLE which AFAIK have less range than Zigbee. So, for me, are not so interesting.
@MagicFab IKEA plugs are cheap :smiley: but, for the moment do not have energy monitoring capability, AND they are a bit physically big.
@snichs I’ve just flashed a Koogeek KSP2 plug with Tasmota, and, apart from several flakey Wifi connection problems, the major shortcoming is that I cannot use my current wifi password because it has spaces in it. I don’t know why Tasmota has this restriction, but, for me, it is a deal-breaker (I would need to tell SO MANY people about the new (no spaces password) in two locations).
So I think that zigbee is the way to go for me.