So Very Punk for My Intance - split to project sync

it’s very stressful of punk of my instance. free Plan is good thing for translation. and pontoon’s is very good app. but i’m very stressful of punk of projects.

in my instance is well, many users(94), and 9 projects, 562,605 row exist. yeah many project, user and row.

so very stressful of this - sync_process is sync all things. maybe it’s split of project things? it’s maybe helpful of low memory(1024mb, R15 included). like ‘heroku run -a my-app ./ sync_projects project1
for now, sync_projects is all the sync the registered projected.

that command is ‘only’ sync that project1. and other project is not sync. it’s maybe reduce my stress situlation - all project is hunting 1024Mb and all the broke. and i’m fixing to disable sync for other project and change dyno and going to money / time to sky.

So what kind this thing? i wanna less time to my pontoon’s maintain.