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(phantom) #61


can you please support password-protected RSS feeds?

I’ve some password-protected RSS feeds and these doesn’t work with Brief.

Best regards,


(Denis Lisov) #62

Media enclosures are not supported at the moment. There is a bug for their support, but it’s low priority for now.

(Denis Lisov) #63

How exactly are these feeds protected? Brief works just fine with feeds that require you to be logged in to some site (well, works until the site logs you out). Could you point me to an example feed?

(phantom) #64

The problem is that Brief doesn’t save the password. I clean very often the history and cookies of the firefox. So refresh doesn’t work by the next visit.

Here the link to the RSS-Feed: https://www.gamespodcast.de/feed/premium5/

The main page is certainly: https://www.gamespodcast.de

(phantom) #65

Hello tanriol,

if you give me your e-mail-address, I will send you a rss-feed with password.

(Denis Lisov) #66

Brief definitely should not save the password itself. However, it should probably be able to use a password remembered by Firefox automatically. I’ve opened #239 to keep track of this request.


I am currently experiencing some issues with the compatibility of the current installed Brief version (2.3.0) and the version of Mozilla (45.0).

It says that Brief is not be available for Mozilla 45.0.

Do you know when it is going to be working again and/or any workaround?

Thanks in advance!

(Denis Lisov) #68

Brief 2.3 supports Firefox 52.0 and higher. If you can’t update Firefox or don’t want to, I suggest installing the latest Brief 2.2.x. Unfortunately, my time is limited and I can’t spend it supporting Firefox versions older that the oldest Mozilla-supported Firefox ESR.


Thank you very much for your feedback!

(C Roger Blair) #70

I use Firefox on Windows 10, on a Lenovo G700 laptop. I’m having trouble with Brief–it won’t accept new feeds. I’ve tried with lifehacker.com and cbssports.com; in both cases, the feed seems to go through, but I can’t find it anywhere-- “Subscribed Feeds,” “Recently Bookmarked” and “Unsorted Bookmarks.” Brief used to work–and well–but now it won’t take new feeds. What am I doing wrong?


(C Roger Blair) #71

I just reinstalled Firefox, but the problem still exists–I still can’t add bookmarks. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Brief, but I still can’t add new bookmarks. What do I do now?

(Denis Lisov) #72

Ok, so let’s look into this in more detail. Please tell me where the following description of the situation becomes incorrect.

  1. When you open Brief, you see some feeds that you added before this bug appeared, don’t you?
  2. When you press the “Organize” button in Brief, a library window appears, some folder (possibly “Subscribed Feeds”) is preselected in the folder tree and there are live bookmarks in it for the old feeds.
  3. If you, for example, reorder these live bookmarks, the feeds in the Brief tab are reordered too.
  4. If you try to subscribe to a feed using Live Bookmarks, opening the folder selection UI and selecting the folder you’ve seen in Organize, a live bookmark appears in it and a feed is added to Brief.
  5. If you subscribe using Brief, a live bookmark is added to the same folder and a feed is added to Brief.

(C Roger Blair) #73

Steps 1,2 and 3 are fine; step 4 doesn’t work.

BTW, I just ran DISM, and am now running sfc to check my system files. Since no interaction with other addons is involved, and sincere-installing Firefox doesn’t help, my problem lies in either my system or the addon itself.

(Denis Lisov) #74

Since no interaction with other addons is involved, and sincere-installing Firefox doesn’t help, my problem lies in either my system or the addon itself.

Not necessarily. I assume you haven’t cleaned the Firefox profile… IIRC, it’s not cleaned on reinstall. BTW, you can try testing a new profile.

Steps 1,2 and 3 are fine

If step 3 is ok (feeds do reorder in the Brief window), Brief livemarks reading is (at least partially) working.

step 4 doesn’t work

So, even when using the Live Bookmarks, the live bookmark is not created in the folder you select for it? Sounds like a Firefox bug as Brief is not involved in this operation at all.

Is there anything in the error log on steps 4 or 5? You can open the error log with Ctrl+Shift+J, clear it (button in the top left corner) and try subscribing (either via Live Bookmarks or via Brief).

(C Roger Blair) #75

I created a new profile and found the following:

  • The bookmark process finished completely (until now, I only got a box with no nae box appearing [so the bookmark probably hadn’t been finishing before);

  • The bookmark ended up in the Bookmarks bar; I copied it to my desktop, switched to my default profile, and pasted it into the list in my default profile–Brief didn’t pick up the added feed, so I’ll restart Firefox and see what happens.

It looks like there’s a problem with my profile, so I’ll have to create a new one and copy stuff over to it.

(C Roger Blair) #76

Addendum: I restarted Firefox, and found that brief wasn’t picking up my new feed, even though it appears in the folder.

(Denis Lisov) #77

and pasted it into the list in my default profile–Brief didn’t pick up the added feed

Did Firefox itself pick up the live bookmark? Did it pick it up as a live bookmark or just as a normal one?

BTW, if you could check the error console for the unfinished process, that would be nice.

(C Roger Blair) #78

Here is my log file, for what it’s worth:

(C Roger Blair) #79

Mr. Lisov, I finally got the problem solved by creating a new profile and copying files from a backup I knew to be good. I lost a few RSS links in the process, but I’m OK, now. Many, many thanks for your help.

(phantom) #80

Hello tanriol,

I asked you for support of protected feeds.

Here is a link for a protected RSS-Feed:


User name: aufeinbier
Password: m1n1o3lsch31ch

I hope you found a solution for this kind of RSS-Feeds.

Best regards,