[Support] FoxyImage

(Ra Ga) #21


unfortunately the add-on doesn’t act as expected. Functions are not available or don’t do what they say. Or is the description misleading (version numbers)?

Open Selected Images in New Tabs (v1.1) [only opens the one I right clicked on]
Open Selected Image links in New Tabs (v1.1) [only opens the one I right clicked on]

Those are the functions I need, but they don’t work.

(erosman) #22

I have to check them. I havent worked on FoxyImage for a while. I was working on FoxyTab mostly, due to the great number of feedback.

I am travelling but once back at my base, I will work on these and any other requests.

(Juan C Walls) #23

I see your Add-on currently is able to download all images in a tab. It would be great to add a feature to download all images in the tabs to the right (with an option to indicate if including the current tab or not).

Also, some filters in the Add-on options to limit the images to be downloaded by dimensions, filesize and/or file type (if I want to download only the JPG files but not the GIF or PNG files)

(erosman) #24

I will be updating the FoxyImage later this month (when I get back home from travelling).

I will see which one of these would be possible to add (some may not be possible in WebExtension).

(Rksoftware) #25

When saving multiple images, I would like to choose where to save, as it dumps every image with other materials in ‘downloads’ folder and becomes hard to sort them out.

Also, if there is renaming with serial number option when I download will be great. e.g. saved as cats01,cats02 if I opt to save all images on a page as ‘cats’

(erosman) #26

Unfortunately, that is not possible in WebExtension & Firefox Quantum.
The options are:

  • All to ‘downloads’ folder
  • Select location for each, one by one, which is impractical for many images

Renaming is also done automatically by the WebExtension API and there is no control over it.
The options are:

  • Rename by the API
  • Prompt for each conflict, one by one, which is impractical for many images

(Zephyrer) #27

Could it add a function to copy the image as data: URI using base64 encoding?

(erosman) #28

That is possible but that has a fair amount of processing. What is the use?

(Zephyrer) #29

For my convenience I’m writing some userscripts or userstyles, which would use a few images or icons by the data: form. This function could simplify my steps to get the data: notation.

(erosman) #30

If there is a popular demand for it I will add it. :slight_smile:

(erosman) #31

I am working on the next update and I will consider all requests.

Added to v1.5

Added to v1.5

Added to v1.5

(Zephyrer) #32

Where’s 1.5? On AMO there is only 1.4 until now.

(erosman) #33

I am working on v1.5 and will release it soon.

(Mpalmer4) #34

As always, thanks for all your work on this. That said, the new nested menus are a step back for me. It was bad enough having to go to 2 levels to get the command I wanted, now I have to go down 4 levels. Personally, I don’t see the advantage to the new menu structure, but is it possible to make it an optional option? Thanks for considering!

(erosman) #35

There are 20 menu items in Foxy Image which is a fair amount and that was the reason for breaking it into sub-menu groups.

I moved them one level up.
Moving it higher will mean a 12+ item long menu


I fully understand your argument.
Is it possible, and if so, what would be the effort to pack all images into a zip file and save only this one? In this case the Save dialog would only appear once.

(erosman) #37

That is possible. However that requires a large 3rd party library to zip (I never user libraries as I find them to bloat the code).

If there is a considerable demand, I will see what can be done.

(Redwood Rhiadra) #38

Is there any way to add “Save All Images” and “Save All Image Links” buttons which could be added to the toolbar? Or possibly keyboard shortcuts? The extension is great, but it takes quite a few clicks to dig through the context menu.

(erosman) #39

A toolbar button can only perform one action. Otherwise it would need a pop-up to show multiple action choices which would then be similar to what it is now.

A keyboard shortcut is possible but you have to consider that Firefox keyboard shortcut map is already congested and most easy ones are taken. In WE keyboard shortcut API, a combination is disregarded if it is already taken by Firefox or another extension. Often users are forced to use 3 key combination which is not convenient either.