[Support] Tap To Tab - open links in new tab with a double click

This is the support thread for the Tap-To-Tab extension.

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For some reason Tap to Tab stopped working with imgur.com. I am using FF 75 for Mac but I think it stopped already with with version 74. I have not found problems with other web sites so maybe Imgur has done something which prevents correct behavior of this extension.

I noticed this same behavior on my Windows machine as well. I have not used it a lot but the FF was already version 75. The extension worked fine at first with imgur.com but in a minute it stopped. My guess is that the extension was updated and that’s why it stopped working.

The Imgur bug was fixed in a recent release.

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I see that if you double click on wikipedia, the website just move to the edit page but not let you to open the page.

There is no code or github repo but as developer I think that when interact with an anchor is required a return false and disable the eventpropagation to avoid this issue.

Could you give an example I can’t reproduce it.

If I go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox#:~:text=localizations

And double tap on “localizations” it opens in a new tab. If I single tap on it it jumps to the section marked “localizations”.

Sure, with the English version works but if you use the Italian version as example the behavior is different.
Try with the same page in another language (I tested it now).


Is it possible to make it work on addons.mozilla.org?
It would be great if it would work there.

I’m experiencing a weird unexpected behavior when the plugin is enabled.

How it should behave:
When i open multiple links from one page and i go to the last tap and i close it, it jumps to the tap directly next to it.

How it behaves when the “Tap To Tab” plugin is enabled:
When I open multiple links from one page and i go to one of the tabs and i close it, it jumps back to the original page where i opened the links from.

This is really frustrating for example I search something on google and i open a few search results with the “Tap To Tab” double tab and i close one of the tabs i want to see the other tabs i have opened and not the google search page.

Hello! I arrived here by tapping over the ¿Realimentación?/Feedback link I found in the Extension options section/box for Tap to Tab 0.5.5 running in (Android) Kiwi browser, browser based in Chromium/Webkit which can make use of Chrome extensions.
I can say that the extension works. However, among its options I can only set the tap delay. The remaining options do not work:

Tabs do not open in background, so after double tapping it always switches to the new tab. Tab position (to the side or last place) is also ignored or not working.

But thanks :grinning: for this extension. It is serving me to double tap open links from popup windows in a certain nasty site (long story).

tap to tab is triggered when moving cards between lists on trello.com. Expected behaviour is that nothing happens. Workaround is to blacklist trello.com in tap to tab, but this means that it doesn’t work at all, with links in comments etc.

Can you set double-click to single-click to achieve such a function?

first off: thank you


mandela effect or was i able to click a link once and have chrome take me to that url in a new tab?

i feel like i am putting way too much time in to this inquiry and I’m just wondering why? who can i talk to and how can i get it back?