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Note that uBO/webext will still be labelled as “Legacy” in about:addons, because uBO/webext is really a webext-hybrid extension. Once the legacy storage has been imported at first install by the thin legacy wrapper, uBO/webext will fully function as a pure webext extension despite the “Legacy” label.

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uMatrix became almost unusable since the latest beta (56.0b1). The pop-up width seems to not adjust to fit all the columns: http://i.imgur.com/nBF7Vbf.png

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With the new beta uMatrix 1.0.1b5 webextension and FF 55.0.1, the scroll bar for modifing the controls, will pop to the top once you try to edit a site setting and you just can not, since it will keep going to the top and not let you edit anything if you have to move the scroll bar down. This does not happen using uMatrix 1.0.0 and FF 5.0.1.

@paulius I had the same issue. Downloading the latest development version from the AMO website fixed it but introduced an issue that’s just as bad (as explained by Gothic_Death). It’s still unusable but I assume the dev version is the one that’ll get fixed first.

As @Gothic_Death mentioned, the latest WebExt-hybrid version is unusable (GIF). After reading further up, it seems the issue is already known about.

There seems to be no working version of uMatrix for FF 56; Both the legacy and WebExtension versions are currently broken.

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Hi. Thanks for the update. uMatrix has been a mainstay for my user experience with Firefox Developer Edition. In the interim while we wait for Mozilla to rectify the issue, would it be possible for the uMatrix dialogue window to automatically vertically size to the number of lines required for the number of rules in the page to be displayed – even if this is below the bottom of the screen? i.e. enable the content to set the vertical margins? I believe if the pop-up would provide such an interface then we’d be able to use the bowser’s scroll bar to re-position the portion of the window which is visible. Thanks again for all your work on uMatrix.

There is a sort-of workaround in current uMatrix: open the logger, then click in a cell in the 2nd column in the logger. This will bring up the popup panel inside the logger, for the tab matching the clicked log entry. One thing I could do is implement something like in uBO: if you ctrl-shift the All cell in the dynamic filtering pane in uBO’s popup panel, the popup panel opens in its own tab.


Raymond, Hi. Thanks. The logger work-around is very useful. Good working solution. And yes, having that type of pop-up panel would be very welcome – esp. if it could be activated from the uMatrix Toolbar icon. I’m assuming on MacOS that activation would be option-shift? Rob.

The listing in the popup auto-scrolls to top, which makes it impossible to change settings that are listed below the view port.
Anytime this will be fixed?
Using uMatrix

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edit: issue already reported (panel jumps back to top)

@jjohns71 gorhill is aware of this issue, that’s Firefox bug:


I’m using uMatrix (and uBO) for several months now and I’d like to thank you for such an awesome tool!
Does it really help to block cookies and scripts on google.com to avoid data collection? I know Google can still have my IP for instance but I guess it’s no longer necessary to install additional addons such as Google search link fix or Searchonymous2, right?

I cannot tell you if and in what way uMatrix can be a replacement for the addons you posted, but if you are concerned about your privacy in relation to search engines, I would recommend you use duckduckgo. It’s not completely up to par with google, but for most searches it should suffice. When the results aren’t satisfying you can still fall back to google by adding a “!g” to the search term and duckduckgo will redirect you to google.

Actually I’m mostly using Startpage but I sometimes have to go to Google…

Hi, i am a fairly new user of your add-on, and here are some propositions to enhance it (only if you find them interesting enough) :

1/ add a bubble help over “other” and indicate precisely what each column is/include. Can be done over “XHR”, “Scripts” … also. Are you managing LSO/HSTS/HTML5 WebStorage (if you do or will do)
in script or in cookies or in other ?

2/ add an icon button to immediately purge all cookies of the context (on the line of the icons - reload, erase,…) with confirmation for the ‘*’ context.

3/ perhaps adding a small button in the cookies squares of the matrix to purge cookies from a specific external site. perhaps not too useful.

4/ when a specific domain is blacklisted from host downloaded files, if you enter the url of the domain, a simple message appears saying something like “umatrix forbid loading of this url” (sorry my message is in a foreign language) with a “back” button. You should add 2 buttons: one to definitively add the domain to a white list and one to temporarily override the interdiction (for the session).
This modification appear a little complicated to do because it implies the possibility of correctly manage whitelist/blacklist (temporarily and definitively) for specific personal sites.

5/ one thing i can not find a way to circumvent is when a site had a blocker protection. Page often reloads itself before we have time to click on the umatrix icon to enable/disable specific elements of the matrix.
The new (replacement) page is often empty so umatrix matrix is replaced by a new mostly empty matrix. The only way to manage this type of site, is to disable umatrix protection, load page, enable umatrix (without reloading), select domains then reload the page and repeat until it works.
Perhaps someone would think of a better way to manage this situation. Perhaps an icon button to temporarily forbid automatic reload of the page.

6/ if you add a rule that cover more precise rules, you should propose to purge more specific rules. Like when you have “youtube.com googlevideo.com * allow” and you add “* googlevideo.com * allow”.
Same goes for the third element of the line (*, frame, cookies, …).

hope i am not missing something in your add-on.

uMatrix 1.0.0, FF 55.0.2 (x86)
I am wondering, why uMatrix seem to prevent the loading/displaying of pictures at okcupid.com/messages after reloading the page, even when it is disabled in the pull-down menu for okcupid.com or www.okcupid.com.
However, when I turn uMatrix off from within FF’s Add-ons page, everything works as expected on okcupid.com.
Any ideas as to why? Is there anything else I can try?

Did you look at what the logger says?

Filed a bug about disappearing uMatrix icon when new tab is open: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1393697

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Well, looks like the first try yesterday afternoon didn’t go that well.
Hopefully I am now down to just 5 regular links and this one succeeds.