The tool pops up when I type a capital letter

Most of the time and only when I type a capital letter in any webpage, this tool pops up. It can do this 6 to 10 times then won’t do it for a while. It seems to be randomly triggered. I tried to pay attention to when it happens but can’t find any cause. Could it be a keyboard shortcut?

Hi @cdnmakesi

We have a few keyboard shortcuts, but none that are directly mapped to a capital letter. It is usually ctrl (or cmd) + shift + letter (or a function key).

Those shortcuts might be localized but it seems that you are using an English build of Firefox here, so I doubt this is the case.

Two questions which could help us understand the issue here:

  • when DevTools open, do they always open on the same panel (Storage Inspector, as in your screenshot) or does it change?
  • which keyboard layout are you using?


Hello. thanks for this quick reply.
I use a wireless logitech qwerty kbd.
Yes, it always opens the storage inspector at the ip I’m currently connected to. Sometimes it’s empty, sometimes it’s full of data.
I forgot to mention that typing another capital letter will close it.