Thursday evening

I suppose that many reps will arrive on thursday and that we may gather in the mozilla space, like last year…
It would be great if everyone would bring some little things from their home country to share with the others. Be it some trinkets, postacrds, food or beverage and share it with other mozillians. Like the world fair at the summit. That way we will get to know each other and learn from other cultures.


Good idea, maybe we can ask the London office to reserve time at the evening for a gathering?

At ReMo Camp they had a World Snack Fare [1] where people brought snacks from their home country, maybe this is something we can have at the potential Thursday evening event as well?

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@oliver_propst Cool Idea!

I like the idea, I remember that we made like that in French Moz meetup and it was amazing evening
We can make an amazing evening: sharing our tradition by snacks, tradition food I think you like it also making a karaoke to discover our Musique ! :slight_smile:

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cool Idea Flore !! have so much to share with you guyz ! would love to join in the mozillian’s very own world fair :smiley: It’ll be an amazing way to portray the diversity we have in our communities !

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Excellent idea, we have a lot to show off from Bangladesh and to give away to Mozillians :smiley: Reminded me of the MozCamp 2012 evening :smiley:

Most probable we will have a meeting in the office + semidinner and we can share then the goodies!


Thats a good idea @Ioana, we met at the London office and ordered pizza last year. I will be arriving on Wednesday let me know if you need me to pre-set things up for you.

well, I’m Swiss. You know what I’ll bring :wink:

Yes: banks!!!

you spoiled the surprise for all the others :frowning:


I’m so sorry :’-(
I knew because I’ve lived in Switzerland for 5 years

and this poped up in my mind:


Many of you seem to like the idea about haveing a World Snack Fare, cool! Have added a note about it on the wiki.

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Hi all,
As soon as we manage to gt accommodations in order and Visa rolling we will add more info. We will be updating the wiki till the end of week/weekend!

Stay tuned!


Due to some unfortunate personal circumstances I had to cancel my participation in Mozfest this time. I wish you all an awesome time. I’m sorry for not being able to join.