Troubline linking to homepage pontoon

When I make a translation in Afrikaans, and try to return to the homepage, the link appears broken when listing all the Afrikaans translations for the app. Has anyone encountered this before, and whats the best solution to resolve it?



Did you start from or the dev-server in the screenshot?

What do you do to get back to the homepage?

When you’re in the translation view, you can click “Afrikaans af” in the top left corner and then “Current Team Dashboard.” to get to the homepage.

If you like to keep your hands off your mouse/touchpad, you can save a bookmark to and then add a keyboard shortcut to the bookmark (Menu > Show all bookmarks > Click the saved bookmark > add shortcut - e.g., “pa” for Pontoon Afrikaans, or just “p” for Pontoon - in the bottom text field). Then go to the address bar (ctrl/cmd + l) type the shortcut and press Enter.

I assume this is your own instance?

Looking at the code, there are two scenarios that lead to a 404,

  1. There’s no locale for the given code
  2. There’s no visible project for an existing locale

Maybe it’s the latter? has the definition of visible.

That was the problem. I imported a project with the af locale and that homepage appeared to work fine. It would be nice for it to route to the default homepage if no locales were present. I’ll try to open an issue for this.

Now I find I can’t figure out how to change the homepage to another locale. For example, en-US. Is this at all possible?

I appreciate all the help! Thank you

I’m not exactly sure I understand the underlying problem here. You said you imported the project and you made af translations. In this case /af should work just fine. Any chance you could give us access to your page?

Users can change their homepages at /settings - they can pick between the Default homepage and any Team page (e.g. /af).

You can customize the Default Homepage if you log in as admin and go to /a/homepage/homepage/1/change. You can only change the HTML file. You cannot replace that page with a Team page (e.g. /en-US).