UK Community Meeting - Tuesday 16th Feb

(Tom Farrow) #1

Hi All,

Thanks for making our last call (in December) sucessful by showing up and sharing your thoughts. It was excellent to see everybody in one Vidyo call, finally.

Since then, @Spike1, @alex_lakatos and myself have been to the Community Leadership Summit, where we were distributed into the tracks of connected devices and campus campaign. We’re excited to share and report back on those tracks.

We’re going to have our next meeting to discuss these tracks and help structure our community around those tracks on Tuesday 16th February at 19:00 (7PM)

The rough agenda will be:

  • Welcome/Introductions (My name is… I’m from… and one interesting I did since the last meeting was…)
  • Report back from Spike and Alex on Connected Devices Track
  • Report back from tad on Campus Campaign
  • Discussion about priorities as community
  • How do we best structure people in the community

I’ll post back here on how to join the call later on today/tomorrow, but please be aware that this will be a Vidyo call (unless enough people would prefer Google Hangouts). For those of you showing concern with re: to using Vidyo on mobile devices, there is an app for iOS and Android, and I will also include dial-in information.

Hope to see everybody there!

(Spike) #2

I will probably be there but I do not have a lot of luck using Vidyo :frowning:


(Vincenzo Iaciofano) #3

thanks spike for mentioning vidyo. I have tried it on my laptop and hope it works on the night.

(Tom Farrow) #4

@Spike1 @vincenzo.iaciofano Would Google hangouts be easier?

(Spike) #5

I have had mixed results with Vidyo myself but it seems to be the default MozTool :slightly_smiling:
People may have other reasons to avoid Google so maybe we should stick with Vidyo. If we can have a Etherpad as a plan b/backchannel that should cover the bases I think.

(Tom Farrow) #6

I’ll also list dial in information, alongside a link to an Air Mozilla stream.

(Tom Farrow) #7

Hi All,

Just a reminder that we are meeting this evening at 7PM British time.

We will be using the ‘Brownbags’ meeting room on Vidyo.
You can connect to this room here:

We will also be on Air Mozilla.

(Ian Neal) #8

Sorry, didn’t get home from work until 8pm. What did I miss?


(Tom Farrow) #9

Hi all, thanks to those who made it yesterday evening.

Unfortunately @Spike1 and @alex_lakatos both got stuck in the train network, so we had to skip the connected devices stuff this time, but we’ll get back to that next time!

Notes from the meeting are on their way.

(Tom Farrow) #10


Please add to these notes if you want to add more!

(Stefan Costen) #11

thanks tad

(Spike) #12

Hello Tad,

I still get “Event is currently in a pending state meaning it will soon be made available.” from Air Mozilla page :frowning:

(Stefan Costen) #13

will ping them now thanks @Spike1 for flagging this

(Spike) #14

Thank you Stefan!
Erm, are you Tad’s intern now? :wink:



Unfortunately I was unable to make the last meeting, thought I would hopefully like to speak at the next one. What software do I need to have installed to be able to join a meeting?

(Mozilla Rep, UK Community, MozFest Privacy & Security Wrangler) #16